Darkwing Duck

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Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck-Title.jpg
Premiere March 31, 1991
Finale December 12, 1992
Creator Tad Stones
Network/Provider Disney Channel
First-run syndication (season 1) (The Disney Afternoon),
ABC (seasons 2-3)
Style 30-minute animated adventure
Company Walt Disney Television Animation
Seasons 3
Episodes 91
Origin USA

Darkwing Duck is an animated adventure that aired in syndication for one season and ABC for two seasons.

Taking a nod to The Spirit and (remotely) Batman, the series has Drake Mallard, an everyman duck, doubling in secret as cloaked crimefighter Darkwing Duck. He doubles as well as a parent to Gosalyn, a little girl duck he adopts from an orphanage. Along for the missisons is Launchpad McQuack (from DuckTales). Among the baddies Darkwing faces are NegaDuck (his antithesis from a parallell universe), Bushroot (a hybrid plant), Tuskernini (an opera-loving walrus), and Megavolt (an electrically charged villain). Seasons 1 aired as a part of the syndicated Disney Afternoon block, while seasons 2 and 3 aired on ABC's Saturday Morning lineup - it should be noted that seasons 1 and 2 aired simultaneously.

Darkwing Duck came about rather suddenly. In 1989, Disney had been granted distribution rights to home video releases of Rocky and Bullwinkle but they mistakenly believed they had the rights to the characters. Plans were set to launch an update of Rocky and Bullwinkle for TV until the staff in charge of the project were alerted that MCA/Universal still had rights to the show and characters, not Disney. In as much time as could tell, this unit whipped out a concept for a hero character first named "Double-0 Duck" but eventually became Darkwing Duck as a replacement.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Jim Cummings Drake Mallard / Darkwing Duck * * *
NegaDuck o o o
Herb Muddlefoot o o o
Terry McGovern Launchpad McQuack * * *
Christine Cavanaugh Gosalyn Mallard * * *
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Dan Castellaneta Elmo Sputterspark / Megavolt * * *
Katie Leigh Honker Muddlefoot * * *
Rob Paulsen Steelbeak * * *
Kath Soucie Morgana Macawber * * *
Susan Tolsky Binkie Muddlefoot * * *
Frank Welker Additional voices * * *
Hamilton Camp Fenton Crackshell / Gizmoduck * *
Ron Feinberg Vladimir Goudenov Grizzlikof * *
Dana Hill Tank Muddlefoot * *
Danny Mann J. Gander Hooter * *
Kenneth Mars Tuskernini * *
Susan Silo Neptunia * *
Charles Adler Additional voices * *
S. Scott Bullock Tom Lockjaw * *
Tim Curry Taurus Bulba * *
Neil Ross Additional voices * *
Marcia Wallace Additional voices * *
Jack Angel Bud Flud / The Liquidator *
Michael Bell Quackerjack *
Joey Camen Stegmutt *
Jodi Carlisle Dr. Sarah Bellum *
Michael Gough Jambalaya Jake *
Tino Insana Reginald Bushroot *
Tress MacNeille Additional voices *
Mitzi McCall Ammonia Pine *
Candi Milo Additional voices *
Hal Rayle Additional voices *
B.J. Ward Additional voices *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 6, 1991 May 20, 1992 65
Season Two September 7, 1991 November 30, 1991 13
Season Three September 12, 1992 December 12, 1992 13


DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections
Volume 1 August 29, 2006 3


Volume 2 November 14, 2006 3


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