Day by Day

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Day by Day
Day by Day-Logo.jpg
Premiere February 29, 1988
Finale June 4, 1989
Creator Gary David Goldberg
Andy Borowitz
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company Ubu Productions
Paramount Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 33
Origin USA

Day by Day is a sitcom that aired on NBC.

The show centers on Brian and Kate Harper, a married couple with two successful careers (Brian as a stockbroker, Kate as a lawyer) and a teenage son named Ross. After the couple had a second child, their daughter, Emily, they decided to quit their jobs because they had missed all the best times of Ross growing up and weren't going to make the same mistake with Emily.

With that thought in mind, they decided to open a day care center in their home. The episodes mixed stories about the day care center with those about Ross and his friends. At first, Ross wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea of his father and mother being at home all the time, because he loved his independence and girl-chasing. He was more than a bit put out with all the bonding his dad wanted to do now.

Louis-Dreyfus played Eileen Swift, their materialistic next-door neighbor who was also once a business associate of Brian's. She didn't much like the idea of the Harpers running a day care center, and often tried to persuade them both to return to their former careers, always to no avail. Eileen, who was single and childless, was prone to make some very sarcastic quips about the children's activities, but Brian and Kate didn't let it bother them.

Thorne-Smith played the baby's nanny, Kristin, who also worked in the day care center, and Ross had a crush on. Kristin was perhaps the reason that Ross relented about his parents running the day care center.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Doug Sheehan Brian Harper 1 2
Linda Kelsey Kate Harper 1 2
Christopher Daniel Barnes Ross Harper 1 2
Courtney Thorne-Smith Kristin Carlson 1 2
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Eileen Swift 1 2
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Thora Molly Harper 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One February 29, 1988 May 29, 1988 13
Season Two October 30, 1988 June 4, 1989 20


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