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Dollhouse logo.JPG
Premiere February 13, 2009
Finale January 29, 2010
Creator Joss Whedon
Network FOX
Style 60-minute sci-fi action drama
Company Mutant Enemy, Inc.
20th Century Fox Television
Seasons 2
Episodes 26 (1 unaired) + unaired pilot
Origin USA

Dollhouse is an sci-fi action drama that aired on FOX. The series was created by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly creator Joss Whedon along with star Eliza Dushku. Whedon had previously sworn off television, particularly television with FOX, due to the treatment given to Firefly but Dushku managed to convince him to work with her on the show because of their previous working relationship on both Buffy and Angel.

Dushku stars as Echo, a young woman whose personality and identity has been erased in order to become an "Active," also known as "Dolls." Dolls are mental blank slates whose personalities can be programmed into them through "personality packages," which determine memories, skills, language and other abilities for different assignments. She, along with the other Actives, are hired to wealthy individuals through a company nicknamed the Dollhouse located in Los Angeles for a variety of different jobs, ranging from criminal to fantasy to occasional pro-bono good samaritan work. The Dollhouse itself is part of a larger network owned by the Rossum Corporation.

Despite poor ratings, the series was renewed for a second season in May 2009. Much of the credit for the renewal is given to strong DVR and online viewership, along with budget concessions and DVD sales potential based on previous Joss Whedon series. Reportedly, executives were also pleased with the second half of the season's shift in quality. Thirteen new episodes were ordered and the series returned September 25 in the same Friday timeslot. The first Friday series on FOX to return for a second season in over ten years.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Eliza Dushku Caroline "Echo" Farrell 1 2
Harry Lennix Boyd Langton 1 2
Fran Kranz Topher Brink 1 2
Tahmoh Penikett Paul Ballard 1 2
Enver Gjokaj Anthony "Victor" Ceccoli 1 2
Dichen Lachman Priya "Sierra" Tsetsang 1 2
Olivia Williams Adelle DeWitt 1 2
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Amy Acker Dr. Claire Saunders / Whiskey 1 2
Reed Diamond Laurence Dominic 1 2
Liza Lapira Ivy 1 2
Miracle Laurie Madeline "November" Costley 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One February 13, 2009 May 8, 2009 13+1
Season Two September 25, 2009 January 29, 2010 13


DVD and Blu-ray Releases


Title Release Date #
Season Sets
Season One July 28, 2009 4


Season 2 October 12, 2010 4



Title Release Date #
Season Sets
Season One July 28, 2009 3


Season 2 October 12, 2010 3


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