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Premiere January 6, 1958
Finale August 15, 1958
Creator Al Schwartz & Snag Werris
Host Jack Narz
Network NBC (nighttime)
CBS (daytime)
Style 30-minute game show
Company Frank Cooper Productions/Sy Fischer Associates
Seasons 1
Episodes 162
Origin USA

Dotto was a game show that aired daytime on CBS and nighttime on NBC. It was the first show to be canceled in light of the Quiz Show Scandals.

The game pitted two contestants, who were given a board with an incomplete drawing of a famous face, patterned with dots (as per a "connect-the-dots" picture). Questions are posed to each contestant, with the values worth five, eight and ten dots. Correctly answering a questions fills in the picture worth the dot value of the question. Incorrect answers award the dots to the opponent. Clues are given to a player reaching the 25-dot level, a second clue is given for 50 dots.

The player identifying the famous face won money in the amount of unconnected dots.

Dotto was outted for passing answers to certain contestants in advance shortly before Herb Stempel blew the whistle on Twenty-One. Soon after Dotto was canceled, CBS yanked all big-ticket giveaway shows from their airwaves, a ban that lasted until 1972.

Jerry Hammer, who created the drawings for the show, would go onto to create Camouflage for ABC two years later.