Double Dare (1976)

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Double Dare
Premiere December 13, 1976
Finale April 29, 1977
Creator Jay Wolpert
Host Alex Trebek
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Episodes 90
Origin USA

Double Dare was a game show airing daytime on CBS. This version is the Goodson-Todman edition and not to be confused with the Double Dare game show aired on Nickelodeon in 1986.

Two contestants are placed in soundproof isolation booths. A subject is shown to the studio and home audiences. Clues are now shown one at a time to the contestants. The contestant ringing in closes off his/her opponent from sight and sound and tries to identify the subject. If wrong, his/her booth is closed, the opponent's booth is reopened and he/she is allowed to make a guess. If correct, the player scores $50 and now dares the opponent to identify the subject on the next clue for $100. If the dare is successful, the player can double dare the opponent to identify the subject on the next clue for $200. The opponent scores the money if he/she identifies the subject on the dare or double dare.

The contestant reaching $500 first wins the game and plays for $5000 against a team of Ph.D.'s in isolation booths called "The Spoilers." The contestant is shown a subject and then selects five of ten clues to pose to the Spoilers. Each Spoiler earns $100 if they get the subject correct. If the contestant can stump at least one Spoiler in 5 clues, he/she wins $5000.

Broadcast History

12/13/76 - 3/25/77 CBS Mon.-Fri. 11 AM ET, 10 AM CT/PT (preceded by The Price Is Right; followed by Love Of Life)
3/28/77 - 4/29/77 CBS Mon.-Fri. 10 AM ET, 9 AM CT/PT (preceded by local programming ET and Captain Kangaroo CT/PT; followed by The Price Is Right)