Double Dare (1986)

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Double Dare (1986)
Premiere October 6, 1986
Finale 1989
Creator Geoffrey Darby
Michael Klinghoffer
Dee LaDuke
Robert Mittenthal
Debby Beece
Host Marc Summers
Network Nickelodeon,
Style 30-minute game show
Company Nickelodeon
Origin USA

Double Dare is a game show that began on Nickelodeon and later ran in first-run syndication.

Two teams competed. Both competed in a toss-up stunt with the winner taking control of the question-and-answer round. The team can challenge the other team to answer a question for double points. A double dare means the challenged team has to perform a physical challenge, which under Nickelodeon's standards was usually quite messy. Completing the stunt won money and control of the questions; failing the stunt in the time allotted gave the money and control to the other team.

The team with the highest score is the winner and competed in the Obstacle Course, a series of eight obstacles the team had to traverse and collect flags in the time frame. A prize is won for completing each obstacle; completing the course won a grand prize.

For the first two years, the show aired on Nickelodeon. Additionally, in 1987 while this version was airing daily, a weekend edition was produced called Super Sloppy Double Dare. Starting in 1988, this show moved to syndication. 1988 also saw a weekly version airing on FOX called Family Double Dare. For its final year, the syndicated version was known as Super Sloppy Double Dare. After the syndicated version ended in 1990, it was succeeded by Family Double Dare which moved the show back to Nickelodeon.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One October 6, 1986 1986 65
Season Two 1987 1987 65
Season Three February 22, 1988 1988 130
Season Four: Super Sloppy Double Dare January 22, 1989 1989


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