Family Guy/Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air

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Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air
Season 6, Episode 4
Airdate October 7, 2007
Production Number 5ACX15
Written by Andrew Goldberg
Directed by Julius Wu
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Movin' Out (Brian's Song)
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The Family Guy 100th Episode Special
Family GuySeason Six
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Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air is the fourth episode of the sixth season of Family Guy, and the one hundred second episode overall.

Starring: Seth MacFarlane (), Alex Borstein (), Seth Green (), Mila Kunis (), Mike Henry ()

Also Starring: Jeff Bergman (), Steve Callaghan (), Jamie Farr (Himself), Ralph Garman (), Phil LaMarr (), Wendy Raquel Robinson (), Danny Smith (), Alec Sulkin (), Nicole Sullivan (), Jennifer Tilly (Bonnie Swanson), John Viener (), Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson)


Plot Overview

The guys are at their usual bar talking when the women - Lois, Bonnie and Cleveland's latest girlfriend Bernice - enter to have some fun. The men are not pleased with their wives and Cleveland's girlfriend appearing in their favorite hangout. Peter comes up with a plan to build a clubhouse just for the men. With help form Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe they build a men's only clubhouse in Peter's backyard, using parts of Stewie's room and spending thousands of dollars. The house resembles a shack. The guys activities include "Who would you sleep with". Soon the guys invite other men into their clubhouse. Soon the women invite themselves having heard the music and the guys' laughter. Peter is upset at their intrusion, but the other men think otherwise. They believe the women could liven up the party since they feel it's getting dull. They're proven correct. Everyone is dancing and having the fun. Well, almost everyone. The exception being Joe and Bonnie. Joe because he is invalid and is unable to dance, and Bonnie feeling out of place dancing alone sits with Joe. Joe starts to feel guilty because Bonnie is not having the fun that she should be having and the life that she deserves to have. This fact hits Joe the very next day when he overhears Bonnie talking to on the telephone about her life and feeling frustrated by Joe's inability to walk. Listening to this Joe makes a decision to get an operation to be able to walk again. Accompanying him is Peter, later to be joined by Quagmire, Cleveland, and Bonnie. All await for the outcome of the operation. To everyone's surprise and joy, Joe has new legs. He will give the old ones to Brian to play with. Joe's new legs would not only give him renewed confidence, but a new way of thinking and feeling about his life. These feelings and thinking include taking up karate, going bike riding, and hanging out with new friends. It would also include putting distances from his old friends Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and leaving Bonnie. With these things the guys and Bonnie decide to recripple Joe. The guys will use a baseball bat, a pipe and a crowbar. Even with these items, Joe is able to defeat the three with his martial arts. Bonnie, on the other hand, is able to use Joe's gun, but is unable to cripple him. She shoots him several times, but manages to miss the intended area. Feeling frustrated Joe takes the gun and cripples himself. With this done, Joe and the guys are reconciled as friends. Joe is truly sorry for his behavior of late. All of them will recover in days to come.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Peter make reference to the stuffy parents from Dirty Dancing.

Memorable Moments

  • Peter attempts to get Brian to say a certain word.
  • Stewie complaining about the wall removed from his room.
  • Joe and Bonnie making love in the dark and commenting on their performances.
  • The fight scene near the episode's end.