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Model Misbehavior
Model Misbehavior
Season 4, Episode 10
Airdate July 24, 2005
Production Number 4ACX13
Written by Steve Callaghan
Directed by Sarah Frost
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Family GuySeason Four
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Model Misbehavior is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Family Guy, and the sixtieth episode overall.

The episode centers on Lois trying to realize her dream of becoming a fashion model and cover girl, a career her father refused to accept when she was a teen-ager. Meanwhile, Stewie recruits Brian into his pyramid scheme to help him pay off a veterinarian's bill for having worms.

Guest Stars: Johnny Brennan (Various), Mike Henry (Various), Kate Rigg (Brandi, Esperanza)


Plot Overview

The Griffins visit Lois' father, Carter Peterschmidt, who is entering the Quahog Regatta. During the visit (which sees Peter unwittingly uses sexual innuendo in a request to join Carter's team), Lois visits her old room, which is still decorated the way it was when she was a teenager. She finds a sash and trophy she won in a teen-aged pageant, sparking old memories and her dream to become a fashion model. However, she also remembers that Carter strongly discouraged his daughter's dream, causing her to rebel against the family. But with some encouragement, and realizing that she is an adult, Lois decides to defy her father's wishes and become a model.

Lois eventually attracts the attention of a fashion designer, a chronic smoker named Karen (who still smokes, despite the fact that she has a stoma), who helps her become incredibly successful. Lois begins gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other magazines, and starts dressing in very skimpy clothing when she goes out to socialize. Peter becomes jealous over all the attention his wife is getting, and after the two get into an argument, Lois begins staying out all night. Meanwhile, Karen encourages Lois to take diet pills to keep a thin figure, a recommendation Lois takes up after her argument with Peter. Lois begins staying out all night, and her personality changes into that of a wild party woman.

Eventually, Peter has enough and recruits Carter to kidnap Lois at a Vogue party. They follow through with their plans and bring Lois home, hoping to talk some sense into her. But Lois tells both her father and her husband that she needs to realize her dream. Peter sees that Lois is right, and he tells Carter that he needs to back off his demands that Lois quit modeling. When Carter tries to object, Peter knocks out his father-in-law, and he and Lois begin having sex on the floor ... even after Lois announces that she is quitting modeling.


To Brian's dismay, Stewie starts a pyramid scheme business called Ca$hscam. Brian, meanwhile, learns that he has worms and needs an operation, but wants to proceed without telling Peter, knowing that he likely will blab private medical condition to his friends (much like how he embarrassed Meg when she had her first period). To pay off what likely would be an expensive operation, Brian grudgingly agrees to help Stewie. Things go about as one would expect, and it isn't long before the oppressive Stewie fires Brian.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • John Hinckley, Jr. — A gag involving Hinckley firing a pistol to start a regatta, then walking away with an amicable Jodie Foster, is an allusion to Hinckley's attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981, hoping to gain attention from then-teenaged actress Foster.
  • Sesame Street — Stewie argues with Grover on the phone, while cutaway gags depict Cookie Monster as a jittery, chronic cookie addict, both references to the long-running children's television series.
  • Britney Spears — Several allusions to the pop music star are offered, including Lois' new wardrobe tastes and her quickly losing weight several pounds at a time.

Memorable Moments