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Peter's Got Woods
Peter's Got Woods
Season 4, Episode 11
Airdate September 11, 2005
Production Number 4ACX14
Written by Danny Smith
Directed by Zac Moncrief,
Chuck Klein
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Family GuySeason Four

Peter's Got Woods is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Family Guy, and the sixty-first episode overall.

The focus of this episode centers on the relationship between Peter and Brian. Here, Brian offers to help a African-American woman change the name of James Woods Regional High School to Martin Luther King Jr., but his friendship with Peter becomes strained when Peter — who objects to the idea — recruits actor James Woods to sabotage the idea.

Guest Stars: John Viener (Various), Wally Wingert (Various), Adam West (Mayor Adam West), Gary Cole (Various), Mike Henry (Various), Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Michael Dorn (Worf), Susana Esteban (various), Gabrielle Union (Shauna), Patrick Stewart (Picard), Nicole Sullivan (Drunk Chick), Alex Breckenridge (Christina), Fred Tatasciore (Arnold Palmer), James Woods (Himself)


Plot Overview

Brian goes to a PTA meeting at James Woods Regional High School and falls for one of Meg's teachers, Shauna Parks. As the two nurture their new friendship, Brian makes an offhand suggestion to rename the school for someone truly notable. After pondering a number of ideas, Brian suggests Martin Luther King Jr. Shauna is very enthusiastic about the idea, and a grass-roots effort to have the school named for the civil rights leader wins popular support in Quahog. Peter learns about the effort and strenuously objects, calling Brian's efforts a ruse (just so he can get close to Shauna) and sees no reason to change the school's name. At a school board meeting, everyone speaks out in support of renaming the school, and just seconds before the board president calls the question, Peter bursts in with someone who will support his stance: James Woods. Woods steps to the microphone and claims he's OK with changing the school's name to Martin Luther King Jr. The board members all sense Woods' humility and quickly squash the renaming proposal. Brian is furious with Peter and declares and end to their friendship.

Peter, not one to let what he views as Brian's pouting get him down, becomes close friends with Woods. It isn't long before Woods becomes Peter's "substitute best friend," in place of Brian, engaging in many of the pastimes they did together (such as catching Frisbees). Meanwhile, Brian and Shauna continue their relationship, although Brian reveals he is tolerating Peter while at home. Shauna finds out about this and, thinking he is being too easy on his master, forces Brian to make a tough decision: In essence, "It's either him or me." Brian chooses Peter, and Shauna declares an end to their friendship.

Brian goes home to make amends with Peter, but discovers Woods sleeping at the foot of Peter and Lois' bed. Eventually, Brian and Peter meet at the Drunken Clam and finally patch up their differences. Woods is at home, irritated that Peter was out so late and that he is friends again with Brian. Over the next few days, as Peter begins spending more time with Brian, Woods' personality changes from his earlier humble self to more erratic and obsessive; he eventually wants to kill off the Griffins. Distressed by Woods' recent behavior and knowing that they can't simply just ask him to leave, Peter and Brian set a trap to get rid of Woods ... doing so by springing a primitive box trap after he follows a trail of Reese's Pieces. Woods is locked in the box and hauled to a Secret Government Warehouse (where there are hundreds of similar boxes), presumably to be studied by "top men."


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark — In the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana attempts to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis can use it against the allies. At the end of the movie, the ark kills the Nazis who open it, leaving Indiana and his companions alive because they didn't look at the specticle. Afterwards, Indiana says something about having it put somewhere safe, where it's revealed that it was boxed up and put in a warehouse among thousands of identical crates. This scene is often parodied and, in this case, is what the apparent fate of James Woods is.

Memorable Moments

  • Peter and James Woods doing a song and dance number together.


  • Picard: Number One, if I were to whisper in your ear that Commander Worf's head looks like a fanny, would you join me in a laugh?
Riker: Yeah, I could get in on that.
Picard: All right, here it comes... Commander Worf's head looks like a fanny!
(everyone but Worf laughs)
Worf: You can both suck my ridges!
Picard: Oh, get a sense of humor, Rocky Dennis.


  • The lyrics to the song that Peter and James Woods sing are as follows. The lines marked with italics are sung by James Woods, the lines marked with bold are sung by both and the untouched lines are sung by Peter.
Someone to care for
To be there for
I have James Woods
Someone to do for
Follow through for
You have James Woods
Someone to share<
Joy or despair with,
Whichever betides you
Life becomes a chore
Unless you're living for
Someone to tend to
Be a friend to
I have James Woods
Someone to strive for
Do a dive for
You have James Woods
It's true
We two
Have a likewise point of view
Because James Woods
Has you
And I have James Woods, too!