Fractured Phrases

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Fractured Phrases
Premiere September 27, 1965
Finale December 31, 1965
Creator Stu Billett
Host Art James
Network NBC
Style 25-minute game show
Company Ben Joelson-Art Baer Productions
Episodes 63
Origin USA

Fractured Phrases was a game show airing daytime on NBC. It ran 25 minutes per day, breaking at the end for an NBC news capsule.

Teams of contestants competed to figure out popular phrases written out as phonetic puns. "Eat Spinner Lotto Phone," for example, would be "It's Been A Lot Of Fun." Team members had 15 seconds to guess the phrase for two points. If they miss, the opposing team can make a guess for one point. The first team to 10 points wins the game and vies for cash awards by matching the first part of the names of famous people with their last names, all broken down as phonetic puns.

The show adapted a celebrity team captain format on November 22, 1965. A Canadian edition premiered soon after on CBC, hosted by Jim Perry.


9/27/65 - 12/31/65 NBC, 10 AM - 10:25 AM (preceded by local programming east and The Today Show west; followed by Concentration)