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Nick Andopolis
Freaks and Geeks
Nick Andopolis
Actor Jason Segel
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 1x18 - Discos and Dragons
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count 18
Notable Episodes 1x06 - I'm with the Band
1x09 - We've Got Spirit
1x16 - Smooching and Mooching
1x18 - Discos and Dragons

Nick Andopolis, played by Jason Segel, is a main character in Freaks and Geeks who features in all 18 episodes of the series.


Basic Information

Nick Andopolis is a sophomore at McKinley High, and is one of the students labelled the 'Freaks'. He lives with his stern and strict father. Like his fellow Freaks, Nick is an academic underachiever who fixates on pot and rock'n'roll. Together with Ken and Daniel, he operates a band from his room and plays the drums.

Nick is often stoned, and even when he isn't he has a dazed 'faraway' quality to him. He's passionate about music and believes that drumming gives his life meaning. He generally wears his heart on his sleeve. Throughout the series, Nick develops a relationship with Lindsay Weir, who encourages him to pursue his dream to become a drummer despite his father's objections.

Character History

Memorable Moments