Getting By

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Getting By
Getting By-Cast.jpg
Premiere March 5, 1993
Finale June 18, 1994
Creator created by:
William Bickley & Michael Warren
developed by:
Thomas L. Miller & Robert L. Boyett
Network/Provider ABC (season 1)
NBC (season 2)
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company Bickley-Warren Productions
Miller/Boyett Productions
Lorimar Television
(season 1)
Warner Bros. Television
(season 2)
Seasons 2
Episodes 31
Origin USA

Getting By is a sitcom that aired on ABC for one season and NBC for one season.

The show was about two best friends and single mothers, one white and one black, who inadvertently are sold the same house and both decide to live there with their families. The women, widowed Dolores Dixon (Telma Hopkins) and Cathy Hale (Cindy Williams), whose husband ran off with another woman, were also co-workers, employed as social workers for the Chicago Department of Welfare. The unique living situation went off without too much of a hitch, especially with the kids, although there were the normal pains, squabbles, and adjustments expected with the territory. Dolores had two sons, Marcus (Merlin Santana) and Darren (Deon Richmond). Cathy had two daughters, Nikki (Nicki Vannice) and Julie (Ashleigh Blair Sterling).

Many of the plots revolved around the kids learning to relate to each other and their numerous misadventures, along with Dolores and Cathy's discovery that living together was putting a new face on their friendship. Dolores was sensible, headstrong, and very much down to earth, while Cathy seemed too preoccupied with perfection, and was wary of taking risks. Eventually, Cathy resolved to shake off her "goody-two-shoes" image and sought the guidance of Dolores to bring her more in touch with the real world. In the second season, the two are no longer co-workers, as Cathy is laid off from the Department of Welfare, and later in the season, she dusts off her teaching degree and becomes a substitute at the kids' high school. Dolores, meanwhile, found a dashing male suitor in Wes (guest star Rif Hutton), who appeared on a few occasions.

Early in the run, the character of Marcus became very popular with viewers, as evidenced by the increasing screams and cheers heard from the studio audience whenever he first appeared in each passing episode. Many credit the growing status of Merlin Santana in the cast as a factor for Getting By's strong ratings in its first season on ABC. When the series moved to NBC, many storylines continued to center around Marcus and his quest to find the right girl, along with his relationship with brother Darren



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Cindy Williams Cathy Hale 1 2
Telma Hopkins Dolores Dixon 1 2
Deon Richmond Darren Dixon 1 2
Merlin Santana Marcus Dixon 1 2
Ashleigh Sterling Julie Hale 1 2
Nicki Vannice Nikki Hale 1 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One March 5, 1993 May 21, 1993 12
Season Two September 21, 1993 June 18, 1994 19


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