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Premiere June 13, 2016
Finale August 22, 2016
Creator Kathryn Price &
Nichole Millard
Network Freeform
Style 60-minute mystery thriller
Company Wonder Monkey Entertainment,
Lionsgate Television,
Freeform Original Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 10
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Guilt draws the story of Amanda Knox, an American student convicted, acquitted, retried and acquitted again of the gruesome murder of her British roommate.

It is described as an edgy, soapy thriller that revolves around an American in London who becomes the prime suspect in the savage murder of her roommate. As the investigation unfolds, the show will question whether she’s a naive, young girl whose poor decisions are being magnified under the ruthless glare of the British tabloids, or whether she’s a sociopath who brutally murdered her friend. Even her own sister, who comes to London to defend her, will question how well she really knows her little sister as more and more ugly truths come out. The mystery will twist through all layers of London society — from a posh, but depraved, sex club all the way up to the Royal Family itself.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Billy Zane Stan Gutterie
Daisy Head Grace Atwood
Emily Tremaine Natalie Atwood
Cristian Solimeno Detective Sergeant Bruno
Naomi Ryan Gwendolyn Hall
Kevin Ryan Patrick Ryan
Simona Brown Roz
Zachary Fall Luc Pascal
Sam Cassidy Prince Theo
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Anthony Stewart Head James Lahue


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One June 13, 2016 August 22, 2016 10


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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