Heat Vision and Jack

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Heat Vision and Jack
Premiere unaired
Creator Dan Harmon
Rob Schrab
Network/Provider FOX
Style 30-minute sci-fi comedy
Company Greenblatt Janollari Studios
Red Hour Television
Episodes 1
Origin USA

Heat Vision and Jack is a sci-fi comedy. It was developed for FOX but they did not pick it up, and the one episode produced never aired. The show featured Jack Austin (Jack Black), an astronaut who was exposed to solar energy, which gave him super-intelligence. Along with Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson), his motorcycle which has the soul of his friend Doug, he faces off with his enemy, Ron Silver (Ron Silver).


Actor Character
Billed Cast
Jack Black Jack Austin
Owen Wilson Heat Vision
Ron Silver Ron Silver


# Title Airdate
1 Episode 14: The Eyes of Paragon unaired (1999)

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