High Rollers

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High Rollers
Premiere July 1, 1974
Finale September 9, 1988
Creator Merrill Heatter & Bob Quigley
Host see listing
Network/Provider NBC, Syndicated
Style 30-minute game show
Company Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions,
Merrill Heatter Productions/Century Towers Productions/Orion Television
Origin USA

High Rollers was a game show airing on NBC daytime and in syndication.

Two contestants answer a toss-up question to begin the game. Whoever answers controls two oversized dice--he/she may play them or pass to his/her opponent. The player rolls the dice and whatever combination shows up that player eliminates in any combination on a display of lighted numbers from 0 to 9. The corresponding numbers appeared on a game board which credited the contestants with prizes in three rows. A player wins the game if he/she successfully wipes out all the numbers or the opponent rolls a combination that cannot be eliminated.

The winner of two games vies for $10,000 by trying to eliminate all nine numbers successfully with the dice.

This version ran for two years. It launched a nighttime syndicated edition in fall of 1975 which ran a year. It returned on NBC daytime in 1978 and ran two more years. High Rollers was revived yet again in 1987 for first-run syndication. It lasted a year.

Logo from the 1987 version.


Person Duration
Alex Trebek 1974-76, 1978-80
Wink Martindale 1987-88