Hot Seat

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Hot Seat
Premiere July 12, 1976
Finale October 22, 1976
Creator Bob Synes
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Heatter-Quigley Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 75
Origin USA

Hot Seat is a game show that aired on ABC daytime. It debuted on the same day Family Feud did on the network.

Two couples participate. A spouse (by consensus choice) is placed in a soundproof booth with the fingers of his/her right hand attached to a device that measures emotional levels. Once the booth is turned off, the other mate is posed with a question about the couples' lives together that has two answers. The mate chooses the answer more likely to give the higher emotional response from his/her spouse. The spouse is brought back on and asked the question, then one at a time is given each answer, to which he/she must respond with "No it didn't" or variations based on the question. If the answer that gives the higher emotional response (as dictated by a gauge) matches the mate's choice, they score money. Three questions are played, each worth $100, $200 and $400. The couple is sequestered as a second couple plays the second round. Any money won is theirs to keep.

In the final round, the couples vie for a prize package including a car. The high scoring couple now chooses whether to keep their money and pocket an extra $500 to let the other couple play a final question or play it themselves. Whoever plays the final round must be correct or risk losing the money scored in the main game.



Person Character
Main Cast
Jim Peck Host
Kenny Williams Announcer



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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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