Heatter-Quigley Productions

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Heatter-Quigley Productions
Founded 1960
Dissolved 1981 (became Merrill Heatter Productions)
President Merrill Heatter, Bob Quigley
Notable Works The Hollywood Squares
High Rollers

Heatter-Quigley Productions was a television production company that specialized in game shows. Their earliest shows were produced in tandem with Filmways Inc. and Merrill Heatter (son of Hollywood columnist Gabriel Heatter) and Bob Quigley remained a team until 1981 when Quigley retired (he died in 1989).

MGM Television currently owns the rights to all Heatter-Quigley shows except for Hollywood Squares, which Orion Television acquired in 1986, then King World Television in 1998.

Heatter-Quigley TV Shows

Show Network, run Notes
Video Village CBS, 1960-62 Aired locally prior on Los Angeles TV as Shenanigans
Double Exposure CBS, 1961
Video Village Jr. CBS, 1962-63 Aired Saturday mornings
People Will Talk NBC, 1963
The Celebrity Game CBS, 1964 Aired in prime time
Shenanigans ABC, 1964-66 Aired Saturday mornings
P.D.Q. Syndicated, 1965-69
Showdown NBC, 1966
The Hollywood Squares NBC, 1966-80; Syndicated, 1971-81 1986 and 1998 shows under different production companies
Temptation ABC, 1967-68
Funny You Should Ask!! ABC, 1968-69
Wacky Races CBS, 1968-70 Animated cartoon; co-credit with Hanna-Barbera Productions
Name Droppers NBC, 1969-70
The Amateur's Guide to Love CBS, 1972
Gambit CBS, 1972-76
Runaround NBC, 1972-73 Aired Saturday mornings
Baffle NBC, 1973-74 Revival of P.D.Q.
High Rollers NBC, 1974-76, 1978-80, 1987-88 1987 series under Merrill Heatter Productions; co-production: Century Towers
The Magnificent Marble Machine NBC, 1975-76
Hot Seat ABC, 1976
To Say The Least NBC, 1977-78
Bedtime Stories Syndicated, 1979-80
Las Vegas Gambit NBC, 1980-81 Revival of Gambit
Battlestars NBC, 1981-82 Under Merrill Heatter productions
Fantasy NBC, 1982-83 Wish-fulfillment show; under Merrill Heatter Productions; co-production: Earl Greenburg and Columbia Pictures Television
The New Battlestars NBC, 1983
All-Star Blitz ABC, 1985 Under Merrill Heatter Productions; co-production: Peter Marshall Enterprises
Bargain Hunters ABC, 1987 Under Merrill Heatter Productions; co-production: Josephson Communications
Catch-21 GSN, 2008-11 Under Merrill Heatter Productions; co-production: Scott Sternberg Productions