I'll Bet

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I'll Bet
Premiere March 29, 1965
Finale September 24, 1965
Creator Ralph Andrews
Host Jack Narz
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Ralph Andrews Productions
Episodes 130
Origin USA

I'll Bet was a game show airing daytime on NBC.

Two celebrity couples predict how well each's spouse will answer questions. The wife or husband of one couple listens via phone what the question is and wagers up to 100 points that his/her mate can or cannot answer the question. The question is read out loud to the mate. A correct prediction scores the points. Incorrect predictions deduct the points.

The first couple to 200 points wins $200 for a viewer from a city represented by their NBC station and a chance to win some more prizes in the Preference Game. From a partition, the mates choose which of three answers to a question the others will select. Three questions are posed.

I'll Bet would be revived in 1969 for syndication under the new name It's Your Bet.