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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia/Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad

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Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2x10.jpg
Season 2, Episode 10
Airdate August 17, 2006
Written by Rob McElhenney
Story by Charlie Day and
Rob McElhenney
Directed by Dan Attias
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Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass
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The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaSeason Two

Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad is the tenth episode of the second season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Dee receives messages from someone on MySpace claiming to be her dad. Mac and Charlie visit Mac's dad in prison, who wants their help smuggling in drugs.

Starring: Charlie Day (Charlie Kelly), Glenn Howerton (Dennis Reynolds), Rob McElhenney (Mac), Kaitlin Olson (Dee Reynolds)

And: Danny Devito (Frank Reynolds)

Guest Starring: Anne Archer (Barbara Reynolds), Stephen Collins (Bruce), Lynne Marie Stewart (Mrs. Kelly), Gregory Scott Cummins (Bill)

Co-Starring: Matthew J. Evans (Boy in ICU)


Plot Overview

Dee is updating her MySpace page and complains that some guy has been contacting her for weeks claiming to be her dad; what's more, he has pictures of himself with her mother. Dennis and Dee take Frank out to dinner and also invites their mother, Barbara, as well. Barbara tells them that not only is there a chance that Bruce Mathis might be their father, but that he actually is. Frank gets extremely upset and passes out.

Meanwhile, Mac and Charlie go to prison to talk to Mac's dad. Mac wants to reconnect with his dad after learning about Dennis and Dee's situation, and Charlie never had a dad so he wants to see what it's like. Mac's dad suggest that they go into business together; by Mac and Charlie smuggling heroine through their anuses. They come back to Charlie's place where Frank has set up a MySpace page to try and contact Bruce Mathis to hurt him.

Dennis and Dee go to meet Bruce Mathis hoping that he's not an "asshole dad" and find him to be more normal than expected. He had travelled to Sudan and Afghanistan for charity work. Without any good stories to tell Bruce they both tell him that they do the same type of charity work. Frank, Mac, and Charlie plot to try and take out Bruce Mathis. Frank wants a direct approach but Charlie and Mac don't think that's "hard" enough and go back to Mac's dad for advice. He tells them to follow Dennis and Dee around until they find Bruce, then beat him with a baseball bat; the exact same plan Frank had suggested.

At a charity concert put on by Bruce, Dennis is using it to hit on women and Dee sings a duet with Bruce about saving children; during the climax Dennis joins them on stage and the three sing together. Meanwhile Mac and Charlie are waiting for Bruce to come out of the concert to attack him with a baseball bat. Mac chickens out at the last second and Charlie stands there silent, takes a picture, and walks away. They run back to the car and tell him that they bashed Bruce and that blood is everywhere.

The next day Dennis and Dee go to see Barbara and tell her how much funny they had. Bruce shows up and tells Barbara that his father, who was wealthy, left him a lot of money. They go into the hospital and visit sick children with red clown noses. Dennis, Dee, and Barbara all complain about how much they hate it there and Bruce realizes how self-centered his family is. He asks for the noses back and Dennis, Dee, and Barbara leave the hospital missing Frank.

Meanwhile Mac and Charlie are trying to figure out how to smuggle heroine into the prison through their asses and Frank has decided to go out with a woman from MySpace. Dennis and Dee come by and say they forgive Frank and want him as their dad again, but he's not interested. They all get into an argument but there is a knock at the door. It is the woman off MySpace that Frank had an affair with years ago: Charlie's mom. Since Charlie doesn't know who his dad is, he realizes that this might mean that Frank is his dad.


Arc Advancement



  • Frank and Bonny Kelly had an affair 30 years ago. This dates perfectly to match up with when Charlie was born. Charlie never knew who his dad was.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • MySpace: Dee and Frank both use MySpace in this episode. MySpace is a popular social networking website where people can set up profile pages and then add friends through the interface. The gang joke about the culture of MySpace, such as not knowing if anyone on there is real.

Memorable Moments


  • Dee: I need to talk to you about something dad.
Frank: Shoot.
Dennis: It's kind of disturbing.
Frank: You two aren't banging are you?
Dee: What?
Dennis: No!
Dee: Oh my..
Dennis: What are you talking about?
Dee: No... that's disgusting.
Frank: Eh, yeah it is. Stay away from that kind of thing. No good can come of it. Trust me.
  • Barbara: Frank.
Frank: Barbara. Your turkey neck is looking exceptionally attractive this evening.
Barbara: You have turned into a retarded person.
Frank: You're a retard.