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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia/Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass

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Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 2x09.jpg
Season 2, Episode 9
Airdate August 10, 2006
Production Number 1P02008
Written by Rob McElhenney,
Charlie Day
Directed by Daniel Attias
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The Gang Runs for Office
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Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad
It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaSeason Two

Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Ass is the ninth episode of the second season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. An argument about the constitution leads to the end of rules at Paddy's. Mac and Dennis recruit girls from the local library to go wild while Frank sets up an elaborate gambling site. Meanwhile Charlie wants to become a protestor and Dee teaches him how.

Guest Stars: Jimmi Simpson (Liam McPoyle), Nate Mooney (Ryan McPoyle), Lucas Papaelias (Lucas), Dennis Staroselsky (Junkie), Morgan Vukovic (Cute Girl #3), Artemis Pebdani (Artemis), Sabrina Machado (Cute Girl #2), Carla Alapont (Cute Girl #1), Thesy Surface (Poss McPoyle (uncredited))


Plot Overview

Charlie comes into the bar complaining about having to kill rats. Dennis blows smoke in his face and Charlie says that they should ban smoking in the bar; Dee agrees. They all get into an argument about the constitution and what it means to be an American. Charlie takes Dee so that they can go "America all over their asses". Charlie and Dee go to an anti-smoking rally; Charlie decides to join up with the group. They find out that the guy giving the anti-smoking speech was just an actor and actually a smoker.

Back at the bar Mac, Dennis, and Frank are complaining about regulations with their bar. They decide to open up Paddy's for freedom; topless women, no gambling restrictions, etc. Dennis and Mac go to the library and bring some girls to the bar to "go wild". Frank has invited his Vietnamese friends to gamble at cards. Meanwhile Dee is trying to train Charlie to get ready to become a protestor. They go to the park and act out a skit involving a tobacco executive offering Charlie a cigarette, but he vomits.

At the bar Mac and Dennis are still trying to get girls to show their breasts, but the old Vietnamese guys are creeping the girls out. The McPoyle brothers come in and want to do some weird stuff. Dennis and Mac decide that things have gotten too far and that they need to set rules. They negotiate with Frank to move his operation to the basement. Charlie and Dee return to the bar to come back to work; the McPoyle brothers confront Charlie. He gets angry that Dennis and Mac let them in and decides to leave, but Dee won't come with him.

Dee instead goes to coyote ugly girl and tries to hire her in order to show Dennis and Mac that she's not a failure. The next day at the bar the entire McPoyle family comes to the bar and so all of the library girls are scared off. Dee and her actress come to outside the bar and try to do a street performance. However Charlie shows up swinging a broom and scares everyone off. Mac and Dennis finally give up on freedom when they see one of their patrons shooting up heroine and two McPoyle cousins making out. Charlie comes into the bar giving Dee a hard time for quitting on him and gets stabbed in the back with a fork by one of the McPoyles. Mac and Dennis go into the basement where Frank has people gambling with russian roulette; one of the guys blows his head off and Dennis and Mac finally decide that they should call the cops.


Arc Advancement




  • Charlie gets upset because he is the one who has to kill the rats in the bar. Dennis says that it's his job because it's "Charlie work". Charlie work is the term used for any undesireable chore in the bar. In Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom, Dennis comes up with a plan to get himself out of doing Charlie work.
  • The McPoyles return in this episode. The McPoyles are the two incestial brothers who Charlie put into prison after they tried to frame a former gym teacher for molestation in Charlie Got Molested.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Frank: Look, I didn't go to Vietnam just to have pansies like you take my freedom away from me.
    Dee: You went to Vietnam in 1993 to open up a sweat shop!
    Frank: And a lot of good men died in that sweat shop.