It's Your Move/The Dregs of Humanity (1)

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The Dregs of Humanity (1)
Season 1, Episode 12
Airdate January 2, 1985
Written by Michael G. Moye & Ron Leavitt
Directed by Jim Drake
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The Dregs of Humanity (2)
It's Your MoveSeason One

The Dregs of Humanity (1) is the twelfth episode of the first season of It's Your Move, and the twelfth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Adam Sadowsky (Eli), Lisa Alpert (Angela), Hilary Shapiro (Meg Rabinowitz), Lonnie Burr (O'Leary), Harold "P" Pruett (Boy No. 1), Donovan Leitch (Boy No. 3), Damon Martin (Boy No. 2)


Plot Overview

Julie is panic-striken that Matt is the treasurer of the school's entertainment committee and has $500 of the school's money to hire a band for the next dance. Matt is planning on hiring a new act called Morning Breath, but then becomes panicked himself when he finds out that Eli has lost the money.

Matt and Eli attempt to hire another act with their last twenty dollars, but find none of them to be acceptable. Matt then gets the idea to steal the skeletons from the school's biology lab, put capes on them, borrow music from a local band, and then pass them off as a 'live' act.

The show comes off remarkably well, with everyone in town talking about this new band, whom Matt has dubbed "The Dregs of Humanity." In fact, Norman also gets the assignment from Music Press magazine to interview this up-and-coming act. Matt decides to let him do an 'interview' and puts a speaker on one of the skeleton, keep them under the spooky lighting, and lets Eli answer Norman's questions.

The article is also a success, and soon Matt starts getting offers for additional appearances...with each offer more lucrative than the last. The final offer is for the Dregs to play the Palladium for $20,000. Matt and Eli decide to go for it...

To be continued...


The Show

  • This episode is the first of two parts. This is the only two-parter episode of It's Your Move.
  • The names of The Dregs of Humanity are Wolfgang (bass), Bones (drums), Graves (keyboards), and Tombstone, the lead singer and 'talker' of the group.
  • The three acts who tryout for Matt and Eli are The Rabinowitz Sisters (Meg, Molly, and Polly), O'Leary and the Guys, and The Belly Butters.
  • Matt's school is revealed to be Van Buren High School.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Dregs of Humanity episodes were filmed prior to Dad and Me, as Norman still has his old furniture.

Memorable Moments

  • Matt and Eli have purchased a song called Sweatin' Betty from a local act referred to as 'Amwald's Band.' As the Dregs 'perform' this song, Eli manipulates the skeleton players with ropes tied to his arms and feet.


  • Norman: I'm sitting there hunched over my typewriter all day. Finally, I get an inspiration, I go to type, and my 'S' isn't working.
    Eileen: Well, maybe you should have gotten up and walked around.
  • Julie: Mom, have you ever been in a quiet room with Eli? If you put your ear to his head, you can hear the ocean.
  • Matt: You must be O'Leary and the Guys. Good name...was that your idea, O'Leary?
    O'Leary: No, it was the guys'.
  • Matt: (addressing the students at the dance) Honored chaperones, dateless nothings...welcome.


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