It's Your Move/The Dregs of Humanity (2)

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The Dregs of Humanity (2)
Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate January 9, 1985
Written by Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye
Directed by Jim Drake
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Caught in the Act
It's Your MoveSeason One

The Dregs of Humanity (2) is the thirteenth episode of the first season of It's Your Move, and the thirteenth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Adam Sadowsky (Eli), Nina Blackwood (Herself), Shara Blue (Stacey), Mark Withers (Mr. Rosenburg), Richard Balin (Mr. Graham), Lonnie Burr (O'Leary), Desiree Boschetti (Peace)


Plot Overview

Matt and Eli are planning on taking the Palladium up on their offer of $20,000 to book the Dregs of Humanity, a band of lab skeletons that they had posed as a rock group during the school dance. Rather than trying to utilize the skeltons again, the boys' plan is to hire some bums to wear their capes and when the band is 'booed off stage', simply retire the act and keep the money. Norman, who has just purchased a used car with the money from his Music Press interview with the band, also has a lucrative offer from Rolling Stone magazine to do a follow-up interview with the Dregs. Matt stalls him, telling him that he will run it by the band.

Meanwhile Eli has hidden the band's capes behind the curtains in Matt's room. Seemingly every teen in town now congregates outside the Burton apartment in hopes of meeting the band members. Matt appeases Mr. Donatelli who is concerned about the crowds by selling him a share of the band. Various people then begin to show up at Matt's apartment with lawsuits against the band amounting to 28.5 million dollars, with riduculous claims- including one girl who asserts that one of the band members is the father of her newborn child.

When Norman reveals that he now know the truth about the Dregs, Matt begs him to help with the lawsuits. When Norman is reluctant to assist, Matt reminds him that he has written a published article about the band. Norman makes Matt sweat it out for a while and then decides to help him out of the mess by assisting in 'killing off' the Dregs. Matt suggests that they kill them in a car accident - and that they use Norman's new car to accomplish it. The ploy works successfully and the next day the news is reporting the death of the Dregs.

While Julie sobs about the death of the Dregs, Norman says that Rolling Stone still wanted an article on the band since he had been the only one to interview them, but he decides not to cash in on 'the boys' misfortunes.' As they are watching MTV, Norman sees that Matt, however, has other plans. He is being interviewed by host Nina Blackwood about his forthcoming book The Dregs of Humanity: They Made Us Believe 'Em.

Arc Advancement


  • When Norman tells Matt how he found out the truth about the Dregs, he opens it up with the show's catchphrase "You're gonna laugh." Matt responds, "I doubt it."


The Show

  • This episode is the second of two parts. This is the only two-parter episode of It's Your Move.
  • The individuals who are suing the Dregs of Humanity are as follows.
    • Howard Rosenberg representing Motels International - suing for $5 million for trashing their hotel rooms coast to coast.
    • Mr. Graham - suing for $2.5 million claiming to be the band's original manager
    • Mrs. Wembley and her daughter Peace - suing for $1 million claiming that Tombstone is the father of her newborn son.
    • O'Leary and the Guys - suing for $20 million saying that the Dregs stole one of their songs. When Matt asked if this was O'Leary's idea, he responds "No, it was the guys."

Behind the Scenes

  • Shara Blue is credited as reprising her role as Stacey Hall although she doesn't actually appear in the finished episode.
  • The Dregs of Humanity episodes were filmed prior to Dad and Me, as Norman still has his old furniture.
  • This episode was schedule to air on January 9, 1985, but was pre-empted by an address from President Reagan. This left fans longing to find out how the two-parter was resolved until the show finally aired in reruns.

Allusions and References

  • Norman tricks Matt into coming over to his apartment to meet Don King, promoter of boxing and the Jackson Tour, by dressing up a skeleton with a grey fright wig. When he reveals the skeleton to Matt, he makes a stabbing motion in the air and simulates the violins from the Hitchcock classic Psycho.

Memorable Moments

  • When Julie insists on meeting Bones, Matt says that she can talk to him through his bedroom door. Eli puts on Bones' glove to shake her hand and begins finger walking up her shoulder, ultimately losing his glove when Matt pulls them apart. When Eli comes out of the room, he says "I think I'm a man now."


  • Mr. Donatelli: I don't care how you do it, but I want that crowd dispersed.
    Matt: No problem sir, just toss your sock out there and let nature take its course.
  • Mr. Donatelli: Finally, me, Lou Donatelli, outsmarted a couple of kids!
  • Matt: Oh Eli, c'mon, we're gonna go drive Norman's car off a cliff.
    Eli: Okay. Do you think I need a sweater?


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