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Jeopardy! (1974)

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Jeopardy! (1974)
Premiere September 9, 1974
Finale September 7, 1975
Creator Merv Griffin
Host Art Fleming
Network/Provider Syndication
Style 30-minute game show
Company Merv Griffin Productions
(January Productions)
Seasons 1
Episodes 40
Origin USA

Jeopardy! is the second incarnation of the popualr game show Jeopardy!. This version was syndicated and ran weekly during the last year of the NBC 1964 version of the show that ran daily. The host was still Art Fleming and the announcer was still Don Pardo. It was very similar to the NBC version, with a few changes to the rules: First, the first contestant to run a category successfully wins a bonus prize. Second, there were two editions of what the top scorer at the end of Final Jeopardy! won. In the first, the contestant drew numbers from a hopper to determine the prize. In the second, the top scorer won a compact car (if score is up to $995), a luxury car (if score is $1000 to $1495), $10,000 (if between ($1500 and $1995), or $25,000 (if $2000 or higher). This version did not prove to be very successful and only lasted one year.

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