King of the Hill/Hank and the Great Glass Elevator

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Hank and the Great Glass Elevator
King of the Hill - Hank and the Great Glass Elevator.png
Season 5, Episode 11
Airdate February 11, 2001
Production Number 5ABE12
Written by Jonathan Collier
Directed by Gary McCarver
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King of the HillSeason Five

Hank and the Great Glass Elevator is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of King of the Hill, and the ninety-fifth episode overall.

Starring: Mike Judge (Hank Hill, Boomhauer), Kathy Najimy (Peggy Hill), Pamela Segall Adlon (Bobby Hill), Brittany Murphy (Luanne Platter), Johnny Hardwick (Dale Gribble)

and Stephen Root (Bill Dauterive, Concierge)

Also Starring: David Herman (Presenter)

Special Guest Voice: Ellen Barkin (Lenore)

Special Guest Voice: Ann Richards (Herself)


Plot Overview

After taking the fall for Hank mooning former Governor Ann Richards, Bill soon begins a relationship with her. This takes a turn when Bill's ex-wife Lenore suddenly returns.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Bobby learn about the benefits of charcoal.


Stinger Quote

Hank: I'm doin' it. I'm a mooner.

Seen, But Not Heard


  • Duran Duran - "Hungry Like the Wolf"

Arc Advancement



  • Lenore returns and Bill attempts to marry again, but thanks to Ann Richards, he gives her a kiss-off, effectively helping to move on from her.
  • It's revealed that neither Peggy nor Bobby knew about what charcoal-heated food tastes like as they immediately take a liking to it. Hank gives her a choice and Peggy opts to lie about preferring propane, likely to ease Hank's mind.



The Show

  • The first and only appearance of Lenore.
  • The man Lenore is seen sitting with, who is never acknowledged or ever seen again, looks remarkably like Bill, but with hair.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • The title of this episode is a play on the book Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Roald Dahl's sequel to his book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Memorable Moments


  • Peggy tells Luanne that she's out of burgers, despite some visible on a table behind her.


  • Luanne: Welcome to my end-of-semester party. I never thought finals would be over. But by this time next week, they will be.
  • Dale: Hank, if you're steering, who's taking off your shirt?!
  • Peggy: Luanne, you ran out of burgers and I think I know why. They are delicious and we ate them all.
  • Bill: I know this hotel. It's where Lenore and I spent our honeymoon. That's the couch where I slept.
  • Dale: Hello. I am Gribble of the Gribble party. We requested four standard rooms on your kosher floor.
Concierge: I'm sorry, sir. We don't have a kosher floor.
Dale: This is an outrage. How do you intend to placate me?
Hank: Would you knock it off, Dale?
Dale: Wait till my pastor hears about this! My God is a vengeful God.
Concierge: Sir, please, we don't discriminate against... whatever you are.
  • Dale: My God, Hank. Can we ever have a party you don't poop?
  • Bill: You still owe me one from high school when the whole team mooned Belton and you just held up a sign saying, "Good game."
Dale: It was the single greatest time I have ever had with my pants off.
  • Hank: I'm gonna kick your asses!
Dale: Why is it always about asses with you, Hank?
  • Dale: Governor Richards! It's been a while. You may not remember me, but I've seen you on TV.
  • Bill: Well, she's taking me to a fancy ball. I should probably shower.
Hank: Well, it's nuts, but she does have him showering.
  • Ann Richards: You guys like baseball?
Dale: If you're trying to smoke out the communist, relax. (takes a drag off his cigarette) We're all cool.
  • Hank: You brought charcoal into our house!
Peggy: I didn't know what it was! Luanne asked me to hold it for her. I thought it was drugs.
  • Hank: There's soot under my boy's nails. You don't get that from a clean-burning fuel.
Bobby: You don't get the rich smoky flavor, either.
Hank: Shut your mouth.
  • Bill: What are you doing here?
Lenore: I think the question is, why did I ever leave?
Bill: You said it was because I was fat and bald, and I got too jealous whenever you had a date.
  • Bill: Lenore swung by my place last night.
Dale: I told you she'd come back! 'Course, that was seven years ago and I was just trying to make you feel better.
  • Hank: Governor, can I ask you a personal question?
Ann Richards: Sure.
Hank: What do you think of charcoal? It's pure evil, right?
Ann Richards: Hank, I may be a politician, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Now, if you'll excuse me.
  • Ann Richards: It's over between us.
Bill: We had fun, didn't we, Governor Richards?
Ann Richards: From the first minute when your friend mooned me in that elevator.
Bill: You knew the whole time?
Ann Richards: You took the fall for a friend and I find that a whole lot more attractive than Hank's bony ass.
  • Bobby: You lied, mom.
Peggy: No, Bobby, I came to my senses. All of them. Except for taste.
  • Lenore: So whose birthday is it?
Bill: Mine.
Lenore: Oh, I'm sorry, baby. I didn't get you anything.
Bill: Oh, no, that's okay. Your presence is my present. And I can't wait to take you home and unwrap you... and then have sex.
  • Lenore: I'm dating a man who dumped Ann Richards. That's like me dumping Ann Richards.
  • Bill: You know me so well.
Lenore: I know your mother's maiden name, your Social Security number, what foods'll kill you. If I didn't care so much about you, I could ruin your life.
  • Bill: Lenore, will you marry me?
Lenore: Bill, it wouldn't work out. You live in Arlen. I live in... Well, I probably shouldn't tell you where I live.