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Knight of the Phoenix
Knight Rider-101.jpg
Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2
Airdate September 24, 1982
Written by Glen A. Larson
Directed by Daniel Haller

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Deadly Maneuvers
Knight RiderSeason One
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Knight of the Phoenix is the first and second episodes of the first season of Knight Rider.

Starring: David Hasselhoff (Michael Knight), Edward Mulhare (Devon Miles), Richard Basehart (Wilton Knight), William Daniels (K.I.T.T. (voice))

Guest Stars: Phyllis Davis (Tanya Walker), Pamela Susan Shoop (Maggie), Lance LeGault (Security Officer Gray), Noel Conlon (William Benjamin) Michael D. Roberts (Jackson), Bert Rosario (Browne),

and Richard Anderson (Dr. Ralph Wesley),

Special Guest Stars: Vince Edwards (Fred Wilson),

and Richard Basehart (Wilton Knight)

Co-Starring: Edmund Gilbert (Charles Acton), Shawn Southwick (Lonnie), Brian Cutler (Bar Manager), Barret Oliver (Buddy), Robert Phillips (Symes)

with: Alma L. Beltran (Luce), Ed Hooks (Guard), Tyler Murray (Sally), Victoria Harned (Doris)


Plot Overview

The Pilot episode which introduces Michael Long(soon to become Michael Knight).Michael Long is an Undercover Police Officer who is working as a Bodyguard for a Wealthy Industrialist.He,and his Partner are looking to arrest a Criminal,but the partner is shot dead when his cover is exposed.Michael goes after one responsible,but he too is shot,but not killed.He is left out in the Desert for dead.He is soon saved by a Billionaire Inventor name Wilton Knight.Knight having the best Doctors,and Surgeon Staff manages to save the young Officer who was shot point blank into his Skull.The Doctors also perform plastic surgery on the young man,giving him not only a new face,and new name,but a new partner.This new partner unlike his murdered partner is different from all of his past partners.This Partner is not Human,but it talks,and has a somewhat independent streak.This new Partner of Michael Long now known as Michael Knight is an Car known as K*I*T*T,the Knight Industries Two Thousand.He,and Michael will have many adventures together.There assignment will be given by Wilton Knights Assistant,and Friend Devon Miles.Their first assignment will to go after the people that tried to kill him,and left him for dead in the Desert.

Using his new identity as Michael Knight,and K*I*T*T Michael pursues Tanya Walker,and her cohorts.The Showdown with these people takes place at the Airfield where Tanya attempting to kill Michael is failed when the Windshield she fires upon richershades hitting,and killing her.Her Cohort are soon arrested afterwards.A form of justice for Michael,and his dead Partner Munzie is done.Michael who had been wounded in his efforts to stop them,is takened to the Hospital after his revenge,and justice is served.He would recover,and accepting Devons offer to work for The Foundation.So,begins the Adventures of Michael Knight,and his new automated Partner K*I*T*T. in what is the beginning of one Mans dream to make a differance,Wilton Knight.


Richard Basehart who plays Wilton Knight is the voiceover by the Pilots Episodes end.

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