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Las Vegas/For Sail by Owner

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For Sail by Owner
Season 3, Episode 10
Airdate November 28, 2005
Written by Kim Newton
Directed by Paul Michael Glaser
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Down and Dirty
Las VegasSeason Three
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For Sail by Owner is the tenth episode of the third season of Las Vegas, and the fifty-seventh episode overall.

Starring: James Caan (Ed "Big Ed" Deline), Josh Duhamel (Danny McCoy), Nikki Cox (Mary Connell), James Lesure (Mike Cannon), Vanessa Marcil (Sam Marquez), Molly Sims (Delinda Deline)

Guest Starring: Dean Cain (Casey Manning), George Newbern (Matt Monroe), Sarah Ann Morris (Norma Pitts)

Also Starring: Mitch Longley (Mitch), Benita Krista Nall (Clara), Peter Gregory (Stephen Mancuso)

Co-Starring: Allen Nabors (Drew Schmidt), Eddie Fernandez (Mateo Pino), Patricia Kara (Sexy Shopper), John Hemphill (Detective Sarnat), Nick Jaine (Paramedic), Sarah Hudson (Nurse Wanda), Mark Bernier (Mike's Neighbor), Bob Rumnock (Gordon Fisk), Karla Cavalli (Blonde Candy Striper), Melissa Renee Martin (Brunette Candy Striper), Bobby Ray Shafer (Wally Ford), Adam Huss (Rick Jamison), Elena Evangelo (Angela Monroe)


Plot Overview

Monica's Estate

Monica left her fortune, including the Montecito, to a center for the blind. However she also left Ed as the executor of her will, to his surprise. Apparently she had a great deal of respect for Ed, despite their differences.

Casey Manning is in town and asks about the takeover they had planned. He talks to Matt Monroe, a representative of the center for the blind, and they negotiate a buyout for market value. Casey is the new owner of the Montecito. He hires back Ed and promotes/demotes (depending on who you ask) Danny to head of security. He talks to Sam about getting back together so they can run the Montecito together and she says that she will consider.

Ed finds an old friend of Monica's. Monica left this friend 1 million dollars. He asks the friend what she thought Monica would like for a funeral. The funeral takes place in the hotel with Ed, the friend, Delinda, Sam, and Mary. They dump the ashes into the toilet and flush it, supposedly what Monica would have wanted.

Sam comes to see Casey and has him sign the divorce papers. She says that she now owns half of everything he owns, but she only wants half of the Montecito. They will own it together after all.

Delinda's Crush

Delinda meets the respresentative for the center for the blind as he's checking in; his name is Matt Monroe. She has a drink with him and is fascinating by the fact that he likes her, despite not knowing what she looks like. They set up a date in his room for 9pm. When Delinda goes up for the date she runs into a woman who just arrived; they go up the elevator together. They get off at the same floor and arrive at the same room. The woman is Matt Monroe's wife. Delinda says that she thought Matt was different from other guys, but his wife says he's not, he's just blind.

The Attack on Mike

Someone in a ski mask attacks Mike in the stairwell, sending him to the hospital with a concussion. Danny is in charging of trying to figure out who did it. He starts off by looking at the surveillance tape and sees a fight that Mike broke up.

One of the guys in the fight hit Mike. Danny thinks he might have a motive, so he goes to see the guy who works at a gym. The guy says he was working all morning and has a signup sheet full of people who have been there to prove it.

Mary calls Danny and suggests that he check out Mike's girlfriend (whom they did not know about). A neighbor overheard them arguing and went up to see what was going on. Mike had blood on his shirt. Danny goes to see this girlfriend, but she says that they were practicing a play; Mike apparently does dinner theater. She says that he got his nose bloody in a fight while playing basketball.

Danny goes to the basketball court where Mike usually plays and talks to a guy. The guy says that Mike bloodied his nose when he ran into the basketball pole.

They are now without a lead. Fortunately Ed finds a note with a number on it in some cigars that Mike had found. They rewatch the tape of the fight Mike had broken up and see that the cigars fell out of one of the man's pockets. They then see that one guy watches Mike as he picks up the cigars later. Danny goes to the hospital and finds the guy holding a knife to Mike's throat demanding the cigars. Danny tackles him and straps him into the hospital bed, torturing him with shock pads. The man tells him what the numbers go to, and they go the storage yard and find a trailer full of ammunition; the man is apparently an arms dealer.


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