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Enzo Valenzetti
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Enzo Valenzetti is a mysterious Italian mathematician.

Information about Enzo Valenzetti is from the Lost Experience.


Basic Information

Enzo Valenzetti was born in the late 1920's in Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea between Spain, Italy and Tunisia. At an early age Valenzetti was identified as a very gifted math prodigy and attended the prestigious Fibonacci State Institute of Advanced Sciences. It was from there he earned a full doctorate before the age of sixteen, reportedly spending a significant amount of time in the company of such eminent mathematicians as Albert Einstein, John Forbes Nash and Kurt Godel.

Save for anecdotal evidence, Valenzetti's strident desire for privacy has resulted in very little information about his career and movements. Compounding the problem is a gag order placed on his personal information by the Italian government, reportedly in exchange for his services. Valenzetti has never published his research, yet his reputation is legendary among mathematicians and scientists. No record exists of his having had a tenure at any major academic institution, making it difficult to establish his exact contributions to the field of mathematics, but several prominent figures in the early 60's contend that Valenzetti was the first to devise a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. The proof was supposedly verified by several colleagues before Valenzetti tossed his work into a fire so that, according to his former assistant, "others could have as much fun as he did in solving it."

Valenzetti's most legendary contribution is said to be his eponymous equation — the Valenzetti Equation. At the request of the United Nations Security Council, Valenzetti devised a complicated algorithm capable of predicting the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguished itself. The actual equation has never been seen, nor has his final tally for the number of years humanity has left, and reports indicate Valenzetti's work was buried by the UN Security Council.

Enzo Valenzetti died after his single-engine plane crashed during a trans-European flight, leaving the many mysteries of his life unanswered.

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