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The Hanso Foundation

The Hanso Foundation is an organization committed to encouraging excellence in science and technology and furthering the cause of human development.

Information for this entry is gleaned from The Hanso Foundation, part of the Lost Experience. The site went down for several months for a revamp and returned in May 2006 with new information.



The Hanso Foundation was founded over forty years ago by Alvar Hanso, a Danish industrialist and munitions magnate. The foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race. Since its creation, the foundation has offered grants to worthy experiments designed to further the evolution of the human race and provide technological solutions to the most pressing problems faced by humanity.

The Hanso Foundation websites references The Hanso Group. Alvar Hanso's vast network of companies, including The Hanso Foundation, may fall under the umbrella of this holding company.

The Hanso Foundation website lists six active projects. In addition, Alvar Hanso and The Hanso Foundation have provided financial backing for The DHARMA Initiative. The Foundation has also been named the Partner in World Health by the Global Welfare Consortium for the efforts of the Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program, a status granted only to those organizations at the forefront of the battle to curb the spread of infectious disease.

Contact Information

The Hanso Foundation is located at:
544, Orsund Klengvjel
DK-1604 Copenhagen V

The Hanso Foundation can be reached by phone:
In the U.S. at 1 877 HANSORG (1 877 426 7674)
In the U.K. at 0800 66 66 40
In Australia at 1800 22 77 17

Executive Information

Senior Executives Board of Directors
Alvar Hanso
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Jacob Vanderfield
Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk
President & Chief Technologist
Liddy Wales
Hugh McIntyre
Vice President & Communications Director
Lawrence Peck
Peter Thompson
Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
Dick Cheever

Active Projects

The current website lists six active projects:

  • Mathematical Forecasting Initiative:
    An initiative to better understand and model the mathematical possibilities of seismic human events for the betterment of humanity.
  • Wordwide Wellness and Prevention Program:
    A far-reaching educational initiative designed to teach the basics of sanitation, nutrition and disease prevention to the world.
  • Mental Health Appeal:
    A world-spanning system of clinics seeking revolutionary new treatments to eradicate mental illness.
  • Electromagnetic Research Initiative:
    An initiative to bring humanity a step closer to understanding electromagnetism and our place in the Universe.
  • Institute for Genomic Advancement:
    An institute seeking the eradication of disease and birth defects through a deeper understanding of the function and mechanisms of the human genome.
  • Life Extension Project:
    A project seeking to extend life, and push the boundaries of science and technology to see the human race go father than ever before.

The Website

The Hanso Foundation's website contains a good amount of cryptic information during the Lost Experience. The website went down for a lengthy period of time due to "hackers", but has since come back up with a statement from Alvar Hanso. The old website, prior to its shutdown, can still be accessed here. However, the following clues may or may not still be accessible.

  • Breaking Strain: Go to "Newsletter (Sign up)". Enter a username and the following conversation will occur:
    • Hello [username], can you read this?
      (Enter "Yes")
      okay it's me Persephone, what's the password?
      (Enter "breaking strain")

      Last login: <unknown>
      Welcome to Dharma
      PERSEPHONE: You are logged in now...
      PERSEPHONE: Check it out and check back for updates
      PERSEPHONE: Gotta go! See you later...
      user PERSEPHONE logged out
  • Global Welfare Consortium Letters: Go to "Joop's Corner". Enter anything as a personal message for Joop. An image will appear and you will need to connect the circles by clicking on them.
    • A letter will appear from Jacques Maillot, Director General of the Global Welfare Consortium Executive Committee, to Dr. Roderick Johnson, Clinical Director at the Centers for Disease Control. Maillot outlines his concerns about The Hanso Foundation's research and an outbreak of a transgenic disease. He requests that the CDC intervene. Clicking on the letter will bring up a new letter.
    • A letter will appear from Peter Thompson, Acting Director General of the Global Health Consortium, to Dr. Roderick Johnson, Clinical Director at the Centers for Disease Control. Thompson apologizes for the former Director General, Maillot, and his alarmist tone about The Hanso Foundation's research. He asks to withdrawal their request for CDC intervention into the affairs of The Hanso Foundation, saying that their inspection team were welcomed to The Hanso Foundation's Experimental Station and found nothing wrong. Jack Thompson's name will be circled in red and, clicking that, will bring up new text.
    • Text appears with a voice repeating the text: The Hanso Foundation, setting world speed records for subverting authority.
  • Missing Organs: Go to "Active Projects" -> "Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program" -> "World Map". On the world map, click on the general area of the Bermuda Triangle. The map will point to the Atlantic ocean, between South America and Africa, and blank information boxes will appear. If you hover your mouse over the white box, a grey flickering box will appear. The text is mostly gibberish, but it does contain "13/9/19/19/9/14/7" and "15/18/7/1/14/19". Using A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on, the numerical sequences translate to "missing" and "organs", respectively.
  • Missing Alvar Hanso: Go to "Executive Bios" -> "Alvar Hanso". Click on the date (October 28, 2003) underneath the photograph of Hanso. You will get the text "Notice the grainy far away picture?" Click the date again and you will get the text "It doesn't match anyone else?" Click the date again and you will see a map of Europe detailing the locations and times that Alvar Hanso has visited. Clicking through those dates will reveal that Persephone could only find records of public appearances by Alvar Hanso up until 2002. "Where is Alvar Hanso? Who is running this place?"
  • Heir Apparent: Go to "Executive Bios" -> "Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk". There is a login box over his biography. Enter "heir apparent" into the login box. You will see information that there is no record of Mittelwerk attending Caltech, contradicting The Hanso Foundation's biographical information about the doctor.
  • Survivor Guilt: Go to "Executive Bios" -> "Peter Thompson". There is a hidden text box underneath his photograph. Enter "survivor guilt" into the text box. You will see information about Peter Thompson defending less than benevolent corporations in the past.
  • Mugato Letter: Go to "Active Projects" -> "Mathematical Forecasting Initiative" -> "MFI Forecast Map". On the world map, click the syringe over Italy and enter "10.4". Click the dollar sign over the U.S. and enter "42,000". Click the human figure over Sudan and enter "2.55". After entering those figures a circle will appear over the Indian Ocean. A letter will appear from Peter Thompson to Minister of the Interior Mugato. The contents of the letter are mostly blacked out, but what remains reads: "crucial that we do not appear to be complicit in your use of our population model to predict the growth of your tribal enemies -- especially if you intent on using our predictions to launch a pre-emptive strike. We must have plausible deniability."
  • 'Hospital Raid' News Article: Go to "Active Projects" -> "Worldwide Wellness and Prevention Development Program" -> "Press Release". Click on the world "miracle" in the press release and enter "heavy water" as the password. Text from Persephone will appear stating, "Free hospitals for the third world? Wow! That's nifty... Ever wonder what the foundation does in these hospitals?" A microfiche of the Cape Town Inquisitor will be shown with an article about a raid on a hospital, with ties to The Hanso Foundation, revealing an illegal organ harvesting program (Image of the article). The article is dated Friday 26th, May 2006. A second article on the microfiche, dated Monday 29th, May 2006, features a retraction for the article (Image of the article). It says The Hanso Foundation issued a statement saying it provided a generous grant to the hospital in question, but the hospital had long since passed into private ownership. Curiously, the Cape Town Inquisitor is now a Hanso Group publication when, only three days before, it was not. Clicking on the highlighted "A Hanso Group publication" will cause a phone to ring. The conversation is between the owner/editor of the Cape Town Inquisitor and Persephone. The man says the Hanso Group bought his newspaper and forced him to make the retraction. He claims to have done some digging and discovered the same thing happened to another Hanso Foundation hospital a year ealier. The man who reported on that hospital died in a supposed car crash.
  • The Shark: Go to "Active Projects" -> Institute for Geonomic Advancement". There is a hidden text box underneath the picture of the professor and the students, to the right of the image's accompanying text. Enter "parthenogenesis" in this hidden text box. Eventually you will see a shark washed onto a shore with a DHARMA logo located on its body.
  • Vik Institute Letter: Go to "Active Projects" -> Mental Health Appeal" (you may have to go through this link first). Click on "Inquire today!" and enter "light sequence again" in the text box. You will see a room with a computer terminal in the middle. Clicking on the computer will zoom you in and reveal a confidential letter from Armand Zander, Director of the Vik Institute, to Thomas Mittelwerk. Dr. Zander complains about doctors he's never seen before adminstering tests to his patients, and a secret ward in the hospital filled with patients whose illness is unknown to him. Clicking on the letter will start a memory test on the computer with symbols corresponding to the hieroglyphics present on the Swan's timer. If you complete all 42 turns, then the screen flashes "Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications" — an acroynm for DHARMA.
  • Ministry Letter: Go to "Active Projects" -> "Electromagnetic Research Initiative" (you may have to go through this link first). Click on the picture of the aurora borealis. The picture will go to static and Persephone will contact you.

    This is Persephone...
    Want to know more about this "Crucial Force?"
    What's the magic word?

    Enter "conspiraspies" in the text box. There will be a letter covered with several photographs. One photograph is of a massive radio tower in the ocean. A second is of a satellite image with a circle denoting "Satellite Interference." The third photograph is another satellite or aerial image with a red circle denoting "Unexplained growth." With the photographs removed, the letter from Hoo-Goh Choi to Thomas Wittelwerk is fully revealed. Choi talks about how his government turned a blind eye to The Hanso Foundation's experiments on their off-shore station due to their lucrative business partnerships, including Paik Motors. However, The Hanso Foundation's offshore antenna has been causing disruptions with their telecommunications and there's been reports of wildlife deformations near The Hanso Foundation's electromagnetic research facility. He warns Mittelwerk that if a scandal reaches a national level, their trust in The Hanso Foundation may be crippled and The Hanso Foundation's off-shore station may be forced into international waters or fired upon by the navy.
  • Access Denied: Go to "Active Projects" -> "Life Extension Project" -> click on the word "mortality" and enter "recluse" as the password (you may have to go through this link first). Persephone will contact you and ask, "WHY EXTEND YOUR LIFE TO LIVE IN HIDING?". An envelope will appear with "Address Unknown" and "Return to Sender" written on it. Clicking the envelope will reveal the letter inside, written by Dr. Eliza Vasquez to Alvar Hanso. Dr. Vasquez writes that all her letters to Alvar Hanso have been returned unopened, and so hired a private investigator to find him. She talks of him collapsing from a myocardial infection while in Madrid, but he demanded no blood be drawn and that he be discharged once his personal physician and staff arrived. However, she did draw blood and believes he may suffer a possibly fatal heart attack in the near future. Clicking the bottom of the letter will bring up three security cameras at The Hanso Foundation in Copenhagen, Denmark: Alvar Hanso's empty parking space, Alvar Hanso's desk, and the doors to Alvar Hanso's parlor. The timestamp of the footage will progress day by day with no change in the footage or can be fast-forwarded by clicking on the monitors. From 2004 to 2006, the only changes are that some objects are removed from Hanso's desk, but there's no sign Alvar Hanso has ever appeared. Persephone will contact you, wondering, "IS HE A RECLUSE OR IS HE A PRISONER? WHY WOULD HE ALLOW SUCH EVIL THINGS TO BE DONE IN HIS NAME?" Clicking on the monitors will bring up Persephone again.


    Clicking on that will bring up:


    Enter "zander". Persephone will respond:



    However, the connection crashes before Persephone can finish. A message appears from The Hanso Foundation saying the site has been hacked by malicious infiltrators seeking to blemish the good work of many dedicated researchers. Until a legal investigation is completed, the site will no longer be accessible to the public. You will no longer be able to access the website.
  • Missing DHARMA: Orientation Testing Issue 1980. A new DHARMA Initiative orientation video on The Hanso Foundation website; Psychology test 1 of 1. A rapid succession of images is shown and then a copyright of 1980. After the film finishes, text appears:
  • Hanso's Return: With the apparent rescue of Alvar Hanso from Thomas Mittelwerk in the Lost Experience, the Hanso Foundation website returned with a statement from Alvar Hanso. It can be accessed simply by visiting the site. Click on the word "humanity" at the end of the third paragraph to hear a statement from Thomas Mittelwerk.

Theories and Speculation