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Widmore Industries

The Widmore Corporation is a corporation owned and operated by Charles Widmore. At least three of its subsidiaries have made an appearance in several episodes.



The Widmore Corporation owns various companies, including companies in the areas of construction and the production of consumer products. The corporation is owned and operated by industrialist Charles Widmore, a noted philanthropist and father of Penelope Widmore.

On the February 6th, 2006 Lost podcast, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse gave fairly cryptic information about the corporation. The two noted that the Widmore Corporation may be related to The Hanso Foundation and that more will be learned about the company in the future. On the voicemail box for Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk of The Hanso Foundation, Mittelwerk leaves instructions for employees engaged in active projects with Paik Heavy Industries and the Widmore Corporation.

Widmore Industries

Desmond exiting Widmore Industries.

Widmore Industries is headquarted in London, England. The headquarters is home to the offices of Charles Widmore. In "Flashes Before Your Eyes," Desmond attempted to ask Mr. Widmore for permission to marry his daughter, but was vehemently refused.

The Maxwell Group


The Maxwell Group is a division of Widmore Industries. The group is a syndicate of interests who are focused on marine heritage preservation. The company was first seen in Find 815, an ARG leading up to the season four premiere episode "The Beginning of the End". Sam Thomas, a former IT technician with Oceanic Airlines, received a mysterious email from The Maxwell Group. This email eventually led Sam to an expedition being funded by The Maxwell Group to find the wreckage of the Black Rock in the Sunda Trench, an ocean trench four miles deep that is off the coast of Bali. However, the expedition discovered the wreckage of Oceanic Flight 815 at the bottom of the Sunda Trench. Due to the sheer depth of where the wreckage rested, it was deemed very unlikely it could ever be raised to the surface.

Widmore Construction

Widmore Construction sign.

The Widmore Corporation first appeared in Charlie's flashback in "Fire + Water." Across the River Thames from Drive Shaft's commercial shoot is the Battersea Power Station. On the power station's exterior was a sign for "Widmore Construction." On the February 6th, 2006 Lost podcast, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said the sign was supposed to be more obvious to the viewers, but it turned out to be much smaller than they anticipated in the final cut.

The Battersea Power Station, completed in 1939, is a coal-fired power station built on the south bank of the River Thames in London, England. The power station was declared a heritage site in 1980 and generation of electrical power ended in 1983.

Widmore Labs

Widmore Labs pregnancy test.
Widmore Labs sponsorship on Henry Gale's balloon.

The Widmore Corporation's subsidiary, Widmore Labs, has appeared in several episodes. In "The Whole Truth," Sun asked Sawyer if he had a home pregnancy test among his stash from the Oceanic wreckage. The home pregnancy test he gave her says it is manufactured by Widmore Labs. In Juliet's flashback in "Not in Portland," her sister used a Widmore Labs home pregnancy test to discover she's pregnant thanks to Juliet's fertility treatment.

In "Lockdown," Ana-Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie discovered Henry Gale's balloon at the location he gave on his map. The balloon's capsule bears corporate sponsorship, including Widmore Labs.