Mad Money

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Mad Money
Mad Money
Premiere March 14, 2005
Airs Weeknights at 6PM
Creator Jim Cramer
Host Jim Cramer
Network/Provider CNBC
Style 60-minute news talk show
Company NBC
Status Currently airing
Origin USA

Mad Money is an utterly insane show on CNBC, hosted by a man who takes pride in that insanity. James Cramer (or Jim as he's known on the series) combines financial advice with an explosion of sound effects, catchphrases, wildly flailing arms and borderline destructive behavior. Each episode is one hour long, but that hour is split into a number of different segments including: The Lightning Round, Cramer vs Cramer, First Aid, Danger Zone, Crystal Ball, Mad Mail and Attention Shoppers. The Lightning Round is a particularly popular and is built around viewers calling in, shouting their stock of choice (often accompanied with a Booyah, for good measure) and Cramer tells the caller whether the stock should be bought or sold.

Although Cramer's advice is questionable at times, CNBC touts the series as more of an entertainment program rather than an informative program, explaining why it was put in the timeslot before Late Night with Conan O'Brien reruns. The series holds a fair cult following because of the hypnotic nature of his screaming financial advice at his callers and running around like he's lost his mind.


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