Married... with Children/I Want My Psycho Dad (1)

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I Want My Psycho Dad (1)
Season 9, Episode 12
Airdate December 11, 1994
Production Number 913
Written by Barry Gold
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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I Want My Psycho Dad (2)
Married... with ChildrenSeason Nine
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I Want My Psycho Dad (1) is the twelfth episode of the ninth season of Married... with Children, and the one hundred ninety-fifth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Harold Sylvester (Griff), Dan Tullis, Jr. (Officer Dan), E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney), Tom McCleister (Ike), Teresa Parente (Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal), Andrew Prine (Psycho Dad), Bill Lee Brown (Cameraman)


Plot Overview

Bud,and Kelly have prepared Al a skrumpious Meal,a meal that is fit for a King.The prepare this meal not out of the goodness of their hearts,but to soften up Al so that he would allow them to have a party.The last party they had,Al was'st happy with.They figure this would be the best time,since Al's favorite Show will coming on that night "Psycho Dad".Al soon arrives Home singing the "Psycho Dad" theme song.Bud,and Kelly plan to wait until the end of the Psycho Dad Show,and Al is happy to ask about the Party.Presenting the food to Al which is salty,and greasy(his favorite types of food)Kelly,and Bud will wait until the end of the Show.Al turns on the TV to watch Psycho Dad when the announcer says:" Psycho Dad...will not be seen tonight".Al is obviously shocked,and wants to know what happened.He soon receives the answer.Marcy enters,and sings different variant of Psycho Dad Song.One that is meant to upset Al.She,and her women's group are responsible for getting "Psycho Dad" cancelled.Because of it's wanton violence.Violence she says has no place on television.She says "we have to start somewhere".Al however is not going to take this lying down.He,and his NO MA'AM friends are going to protest.They are planning to picket the TV Station in the hopes of bringing Psycho Dad back on the air.Al,and his friends which includes:Jefferson,Griff,Ike,Bob Rooney,and later Officer Dan,who is also a fan of Psycho Dad,could'nt of picked a worst time to picket.It is snowing outside,and the temperature is steadily dropping.They had contacted a News Station,but no one has shown.So,they leave.Al receives frost bite from the snow.Bud,and Kelly try to trick him into letting them have a party.They put a video recording of Psycho Dad into the VCR,and tells him that they got Psycho Dad back on the air.This ploy would have worked except Kelly forward the tape so the Al would'nt see an early scene.Al's NO MA'AM friends soon arrive to tell Al that the actor who plyed Psycho Dad is holding a News Conference.They all believe that he is going to fight to stay on the air.But,they are wrong.The actor has decided to quit,after receiving a letter praising Psycho Dad.The letter of course is signed "Al".The Network has offered to pay him big bucks to play a less than heroic character(to Al,and his friends anyway).He says goodbye to the camera's,and advise Al to get help.dispite this turn of events,Al,and his friends still refuse to give up.So,they decide on another approach.Al,and the NO MA'AM guy are going to Washington.


Arc Advancement


While Al,and friends are walking,and chanting in a circle,they spot what they believe is another protestor.They want to make him feel welcomed so they continue chanting."Bring back Psycho Dad",but the alledged protestor chants "Let your kids have a party",twice before he is exposed as Bud,and is chased away by Ike.


Al,Peggy,Marcy,Kelly,Bud,Jefferson,Bob Rooney,Griff,Ike,Officer Dan,Miranda Veracruz De La Jolla Cardinal,and Actor playing Psycho Dad.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

Marcy enters the Bundy House singing her own version of the "Psycho Dad" theme song. Al,Griff,and Bob Rooney standing like statues trying to think of an idea to save "Psycho Dad"


Marcy:"Today Psycho Dad,tomorrow everything else that men like,hahahahahah".

Al:"lets use the giant power of our manly brains".

Buck:"Rush Limbaugh could outrun the Dodge".

Al:"Gentlemen,NO MA'AM is going to Washington".


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