Married... with Children/I Want My Psycho Dad (2)

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I Want My Psycho Dad (2)
Season 9, Episode 13
Airdate December 18, 1994
Production Number 914
Written by David Castro
Directed by Gerry Cohen
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The Naked and the Dead, but Mostly the Naked
Married... with ChildrenSeason Nine
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I Want My Psycho Dad (2) is the thirteenth episode of the ninth season of Married... with Children, and the one hundred ninety-sixth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Harold Sylvester (Griff), E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney), Dan Tullis, Jr. (Officer Dan), Tom McCleister (Ike), Joseph D. Reitman (Tom), T.C. Warner (Pam), Barry Wiggins (Geronimo), Michael Philip (Chopper), J. Patrick McCormack (Senator Furman)


Plot Overview

Al is preparing to go to Washington try to get his favorite Show "Psycho Dad",put back on television.He is dressed in his fishing clothes to try to fool Peggy into believing that he is going fishing.Peggy isn't fooled when she comes downstairs,and catches him trying to sneak out.Soon,Al's NO MA'AM friends show up,each wearing a different set of clothing:Jefferson is wearing hunting clothes,Griff is wearing skiing attire,Bob Rooney,a schuba suit,Ike camping gear,and Officer Dan,Native American clothes.After explaining to Peggy the purpose for the various clothing,(lies of course)Peggy seems to accept the story.With that they leave for Washington.Once gone,Peggy calls Marcy to tell her that Al,and friends have left for D.C.SHE,and Marcy will follow them to Washington on the next available plane.Al,and friend arrive in Washington,and stay in a Hotel;but before they have a chance to relax,Peggy,and Marcy show up at their door.Al sensed their presence.The women try to talk them out of making fools of themselves.That itself is not an easy task.Al tells them that Jefferson has friends in high places that could get them into the Senate.Marcy is skeptical,and as she is busy berating Jefferson,two men enter the Hotel room calling themselves Chopper,and Geronimo(obviously code names),two agents from Jeffersons past who informs him that he,and his friends that everything has been arranged for their meeting with the senate committee.When they arrive,they are greeted by the Head of the Committee on Taste On Television.Al begins to speak first,but his words does not impress the senators their.After Al each NO MA'AM member gives their reason why "Psycho Dad" should be put back on television.Each one member's words also fails to impress the Senators.As a result the Head of the Committee makes the decision that violence has no place on television,and that "Psycho Dad" is cancelled.With that decision the gang returns to Chicago.While everybody was in Washington,Kelly,and Bud through a wild Party,so wild that it spread like a virus,and the National Guard had to be brought in to contain it.


I always like a two part episode of any Television Series.Whether they be Comedy,Drama,Science Fiction,Western,etc.And,also three part episodes,as well.

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The Show

Behind the Scenes

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Memorable Moments

Machine Gun fire takes place while the guys are in the Hotel Room.First Al is talking about anti-violence,looks out the window,and yells "duck" before the window is sprayed with bullets.Then Marcy when talking about how anti-violent the Country is,she yells 'duck".


Bob Rooney:'hey Al,Taste in Television...T...I Al:"shut-up"


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