Mirror, Mirror

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Mirror, Mirror
Mirror, Mirror-title.jpg
Premiere September 30, 1995
Finale December 23, 1995
Creator Posie Graeme-Evans
Network/Provider Network Ten
Style 30-minute Adventure / Fantasy drama
Company Millennium Pictures,
The Gibson Group
Seasons 1
Episodes 20
(List of episodes)
Origin Australia / NZ
Official Site The Gibson Group

Mirror, Mirror is a teen adventure/fantasy drama in which young Jo Tiegan, acquires a magic mirror, which allows her to travel back in time to 1919. There she meets and befriends Louisa Iredale and her family who actually live in the same house that Jo now lives in with her family in the modern day. They discover a neighbour, the wealthy Sir Ivor Creevey-Thorne is not only hiding a toxic chemical, (which after being exposed has left a couple of Jo's friends unconscious in 1995), but also a young boy named Nicholas, but why? The girls are determined to find out...



Actor Character
Main Cast
Petra Jared Jo Tiegan
Michala Banas Louisa Iredale
Nicholas Hooper Nicholas Romanov
Judy McIntosh Catherine Guthrie
Peter Bensley Andrew Tiegan
Gerald Bryan Joshua Iredale
Michele Amas Primrose Iredale
James Ashcroft Tama Williams
Jeffrey Walker Royce Tiegan
Jason Gascoigne Titus Iredale
Nicholas Hammond Sir Ivor Creevey-Thorne
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Bernard Kearns The Old Man
Liza Jones Jade Coigley
Stephen Butterworth Bellamy Frid
Miriama Smith Ani
Eddie Campbell Campbell
Donna Akersten Leonie Coigley
Nicholas Leggett Jesse Handon
Grant Tilly Sir Gerald Salisbury
Carly Neemia Mia Rowlands
Judie Douglass Mrs. Whitelaw
David McKenzie Dennis Coigley
Jess Peters Alexandra


Season  Premiere Finale #
Network Ten
Season One September 30, 1995 December 23, 1995 20


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Season 1 TBA 2

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