Mr. Show with Bob and David/"Flat Top Tony and the Purple Canoes"

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"Flat Top Tony and the Purple Canoes"
... 'Cuz I was laughin' so hard!
Season 3, Episode 4
Airdate October 10, 1997
Production Number 305
Written by Bob Odenkirk
David Cross
Jay Johnston
Bill Odenkirk
Brian Posehn
Dino Stamatopoulos
Mike Stoyanov
Paul F. Tompkins
Mike Upchurch
Directed by Troy Miller
John Moffitt
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"Oh, You Men"
3x05 →
"Please Don't Kill Me"
Mr. Show with Bob and DavidSeason Three

"Flat Top Tony and the Purple Canoes" is the fourth episode of the third season of Mr. Show with Bob and David, and the fourteenth episode overall.

Guest Stars: Kristy Dowler, Kennedy Kabasares (Gay Guy), Tina New, Kimberly Quigley, Louis Rappaport, Kevin Seccia, Shannyn Sossamon, Robin Van Sharner


Plot Overview

Bob and David change format and do a morning show, but they misread their audience as not wanting to kill them.


  • Mr. Show Morning Graphic
  • Womyn's Solidarity Collective Open
  • Black and White Film (Hard Day's Night)
  • VTV (Smoosh, Norma Jean Monster)
  • Break-Thru Weekend
  • Young People & Companions
  • Bloopers Link
  • Fashion Forecast
  • Fashion Documentary
  • Constant Chum High Link
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Apocalypse Drill/Smoosh on the Moon Cold Tag


Hey, Everybody: It's Bob and David

"Good morning ladies, it's time for Bob and David!"
Kennedy Kabasares as the Gay Guy

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Roberta Sanchez


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