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Special Agent Ziva David
NCIS-Ziva David.jpg
Actor Cote de Pablo
First Appearance Kill Ari (1)
Last Appearance
Series Billing Main Cast
Notable Episodes Kill Ari 1


Basic Information

NCIS Special Agent Ziva David (formerly Officer Ziva David until season 7) used to work for the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency, and is the daughter of Mossad Director David. She was Ari Haswari's control officer, and was temporarily tasked to NCIS Headquarters in Washington, DC to stop NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from killing Ari, claiming lack of evidence on Gibbs' part that Ari was actually NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd killer. It turned out that Officer David was Ari's half-sister, and, when it became apparent that Ari had really shot Caitlin and was a Hamas agent, Ziva shot him herself. Gibbs and Ziva fudged the incident report, claiming that Gibbs killed Ari himself.

Special Agent Ziva David was then assigned to NCIS to act as Special Agent Kate Todd's replacment as a liason officer, and proved herself a more-than-capable field agent on her first mission. She was a liaison officer for NCIS until season 7 when she quit Israeli Mossad and became NCIS Special Agent Ziva David.

Character History

  • had a younger sister Tali (8x08)
  • learned to drive from her mother (8x08)

Memorable Moments


  • she speaks several languages including Turkish (3x23), Russian (4x04), French (4x04), German (4x04), Italian (4x04), Arabic (4x04), Spanish (3x19), Hebrew and English.
  • in Faith DiNozzo asks how many languages Ziva speaks. She replies 10 including the language of love
  • Ziva David joined the regular cast of NCIS as of Season 3 show 4 "Silver War"
  • Play's Agent DiNozzo's lover on an undercover mission
  • Has always had a taunting "brother-sister" relationship with NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo