Nic et Pic

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Nic et Pic
Nic et Pic title.jpg
Premiere January 5, 1972 (French)
September 10, 1975 (English)
Finale May 3, 1977 (French)
1977 (English)
Creator Gaëtan Gladu
Network/Provider Radio-Canada (French)
CBC Television (English)
Style 30-minute children's program
Company Société Radio-Canada
Seasons 5
Episodes 76
Origin Canada

Nic et Pic is a Canadian French-language children's program which aired on Radio-Canada Télévision. A dubbed English-language version of the show, Nic and Pic, also aired on sister network CBC Television.

Nic and Pic, two puppet mice, go on adventures around the world while travelling in a hot-air balloon.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast
Jocelyne Goyette Nic 1972–1977 (French)
Joan Stuart 1975–1977 (English)
Louise Matteau Pic 1972–1977 (French)
Madeleine Kronby 1975–1977 (English)



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