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Premiere September 19, 1997
Finale May 17, 1999
Creator Glen A. Larson
Steve Englehart (comic book)
Network Syndication
Style 60-minute super hero sci-fi
Company Alliance Atlantis Communications,
Crescent Entertainment Ltd.
Glen A. Larson Productions
Tribune Entertainment
Seasons 2
Episodes 44 + 1 TV movie
Origin USA

NightMan is a super hero sci-fi that aired in syndication.

Johnny Domino is a well-known San Franciscan jazz musician who is accidentally struck by a lightning bolt in a freak cable-car accident. The strike allows him to telepathically recognize evil but robs him of the ability to sleep. Although Night Man has no other superhuman powers of his own, he owns a special bulletproof bodysuit that gives him several abilities, including flight, holographic camouflage-style invisibility and advanced sight functions through the round red lens over his left eye including the ability to see in the dark and fire a laser beam. Although he often fights new enemies in each episode as the series progresses, his nemesis is computer technologies billionaire Kieran Keyes, who would slay Johnny's father, Frank Domino, in the premiere of the second and final season.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Matt McColm Johnny Domino/NightMan 1 2
Earl Holliman Frank Dominus 1
Derek Webster Raleigh Jordon 1
Derwin Jordan 2
Felecia Bell Jessica Rodgers 1
Michael Woods Lt. Charlie Dann 1
Jayne Heitmeyer Lt. Briony Branca 2


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 19, 1997 May 11, 1998 22 + 1
Season Two October 11, 1998 May 17, 1999 22


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