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Season One
Season Premiere September 19, 1997
Season Finale May 11, 1998
Episode Count 22 + 1 TV movie



Season Two

Season One of NightMan premiered on September 19, 1997.


# # Title Airdate
1 1 World Premiere (1) September 19, 1997
Musician Johnny Domino gains superpowers after being struck by lightning.
2 2 World Premiere (2) September 19, 1997
Johnny officially becomes Night Man - appropriate, since his new powers don't allow him to sleep.
3 3 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On October 6, 1997
The city is evacuated after a massive earthquake is predicted.
4 4 I Left My Heart in San Francisco October 13, 1997
A drug lord takes a club full of people hostage until he gets what he needs: a new, healthy heart.
5 5 Still of the Night October 20, 1997
Night Man contracts a mysterious disease from a beast from another dimension.
6 6 Face to Face October 27, 1997
After being beaten in prison, a convict undergoes an experimental procedure to rebuild his face.
7 7 Chrome November 3, 1997
Night Man faces off against Chrome, a villain who got his powers from the same bolt of lightning.
8 8 Takin' It to the Streets November 10, 1997
A basketball prodigy is at danger of falling in with the neighborhood crime boss.
9 9 Lady in Red November 17, 1998
Night Man meets a former KGB assassin and senses a worse future for her.
10 10 That Ol' Gang of Mine November 24, 1997
A descendant of J. Edgar Hoover's unfreezes some of the worst gangsters of all time to wreak havoc.
11 11 Bad Moon Rising January 11, 1998
The hunt is on to stop a criminal gang from smuggling a shipment of tainted heroin into the city.
12 12 Constant Craving January 18, 1998
Night Man's dad is being pursued by not one, but two vampires.
13 13 You Are Too Beautiful January 25, 1998
Night Man poses as a masked wrestler when another wrestler is framed for murder.
14 14 Do You Believe in Magic? February 1, 1998
Night Man battles a sorceress who knows the secrets of Johnny and his loved ones.
15 15 The House of Soul February 8, 1998
The House of Soul is haunted by ghosts. No surprise, given its name.
16 16 Nightwoman February 15, 1998
A scientist turns his cop daughter into Night Man's "female counterpart."
17 17 Chrome II February 22, 1998
Night Man battles Chrome again, but this time, Chrome has a secret ally.
18 18 Bad to the Bone March 1, 1998
Johnny is framed for a crime, but the evidence against him is a little too convincing.
19 19 Hitchhiker April 26, 1998
Night Man finds the wreckage of a UFO.
20 20 Devil in Disguise May 3, 1998
Chang returns with an evil plot to get rid of Night Man.
21 21 Double Vision May 17, 1998
A star athlete is hit by a car - but he makes a miraculous recovery.
22 22 Amazing Grace May 11, 1998
When Johnny's friend is killed, he worries that he isn't doing enough to protect the city.

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