Now You See It

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Now You See It
Premiere April 1, 1974
Finale June 13, 1975
Creator Frank Wayne
Host Jack Narz
Network CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Goodson-Todman Productions,
(Suzanne Productions)
Seasons 1
Episodes 305
Origin USA

Now You See It is a game show that aired on CBS.

The game starts with two teams and a returning champion, sitting above. The two teams face a game board showing a grid of letters forming words joined together (some forming words within words). The letter spaces are numbered going 1 to 4 down and 1 to 16 across. One member of each team has his/her back turned. A question is asked and a team member facing the board rings in to give the line in which the answer is found. The partner now turns around to locate the position where the answer is. Correctly spotting it scores points determined by the line and position (e.g.: line 2, position 7 scores 9 points). A few months into the run, each contestant facing the board wrote down a word from the board. If his/her partner identified it correctly, the team scored a 10-point bonus.

The team with the highest score after time expires wins, and the other team eliminated. The members of the winning team now face each other. A clue is given, and the letters on the first line appear one at a time. The player who rings in and gives the correct answer scored a point. The next clue is given, and additional letters are added to form the next answer. Four points wins the round and a prize.

The winning player now faces the champion in the finals of regular game play. The winner is champion and vies for $5000 in the end game.

Facing a stylus pen screen of the game board, the player has 60 seconds to locate and circle correct answers from clues given. He/she wins $100 for each correct answer, all ten win $5000. If all ten are not answered, the jackpot goes up $1000 until it is won. If the top prize is won, the contestant defeated in the finals returns on the next show as default champion.

In November 1974, the show changed its rules with two players in the letter-at-a-time round with the winner facing the champ in the championship round.

Now You See It returned on April 3, 1989 in a revised format. Prior, an edition produced for British TV began in 1981 and ran 12 seasons. Celebrity and kids editions premiered soon after in England. A kids' version in Australia ran from 1985 to 1999.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One April 1, 1974 June 13, 1975 305


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