Now You See It (1989)

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Now You See It (1989)
Premiere April 3, 1989
Finale July 14, 1989
Creator Paul Alter
Host Chuck Henry
Network CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson Productions
(The Now You See It Company)
Episodes 75
Origin US

Now You See It was a revival of the Now You See It that previously aired from 1974 to 1975 on CBS. In this edition, contestants still seek out answers on a game board of run-together words, only the score was determined by a score clock counting down from 100 until a contestant rang in.

The winning team played a qualifying game in which they sought answers to specific categories. The winner played the champion in a championship game with the winner of that vying for the $5000 in the end game. This second version is known to exist in its entirety but it has not been shown on GSN. Chuck Henry, who had been (as still presumably is) a sportscaster for KNBC in Los Angeles, insisted that it not be shown for fear of hurting his credibility.

This edition first piloted in 1985.