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The Huntsman
Once Upon a Time
Actor Jamie Dornan
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 1x22 - A Land Without Magic
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 9
Notable Episodes 1x07 - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

The Huntsman was a mysterious man from the Enchanted Forest whose real name remains unknown. He was a solitary man, who spent much of his time alone in the woods, until he was hired by Queen Regina to kill her step-daughter, Snow White. After Regina unleashed an evil curse upon the land, The Huntsman ended up in the town of Storybrooke as the local sheriff, Graham Humbert. He is played by Jamie Dornan and has appeared in nine episodes to date.


Basic Information

Episode Appearances

  1. 1x01 - Pilot
  2. 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most
  3. 1x03 - Snow Falls
  4. 1x04 - The Prince of Gold
  5. 1x05 - That Still Small Voice
  6. 1x06 - The Shepherd
  7. 1x07 - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  8. 1x22 - A Land Without Magic
  9. 2x17 - Welcome to Storybrooke

Character History

Memorable Moments