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Pass the Buck

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Pass the Buck
Premiere April 3, 1978
Finale June 30, 1978
Creator Bob Stewart
Host Bill Cullen
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Bob Stewart Productions
Episodes 65
Origin USA

Pass the Buck was a game show airing daytime on CBS.

Four contestants were presented with questions that had numerous answers ("Someone who wears a hat on the job"). A bank starts at $100 and goes up $25 for each acceptable answer given. A player is eliminated for giving an unacceptable answer and the following player giving an acceptable answer and thus winning the money in the bank.

That player vied for $5000 by naming items in a category, receiving $100 for each correct item and $5000 naming all items in a given row or one item in each of four rows. All or any eliminated players return to compete if the contestant does not win the $5000.