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Katherine Hillard
Power Rangers
Actors Catherine Sutherland (teen/adult)
Julia Jordan (child)
First Appearance 3x16 - A Ranger Catastrophe (1)
Last Appearance 5x19 - Passing the Torch (2)
Series Billing 3x16 to 3x24: Guest Star
3x25 to 4x50: Top Billing
5x01 to 5x19: Billed
Episode Count 97
Notable Episodes 3x24 - A Different Shade of Pink (3)
3x29 - Master Vile and the Metallic Armor (2)
4x07 - Every Dog Has His Day
4x29 - Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
4x43 - A Mystery to Me
5x11 - Weight and See
5x15 - Cars Attacks
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Katherine "Kat" Hillard (portrayed by Catherine Sutherland) is the second in a long line of Pink Rangers. She was chosen as Kimberly Hart's replacement mid-season three. Even while evil, Katherine was always a warmhearted person throughout all three seasons. Once a ranger, she was always top billed on the show until Turbo, when she became last billed among her ranger cast mates.


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Character History

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  • In Sowing the Seas of Evil, Catherine Sutherland appeared alongside Julia Jordan, who was playing young Katherine. Sutherland appeared in a double role as Agatha and the keeper of the pink zeo sub-crystal.
  • Katherine was originally to be in Forever Red, as Tommy's wife, but her scene was cut from the final project.
  • Katherine is the only character to have the same name as their actor, only with a different spelling. She is also shares her name with a future ranger, Kat Manx.
  • Kat is the first Australian Power Ranger, followed only by Xander Bly. All of the other Australian actors have played American characters.


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