Press Your Luck/At a Glance

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Broadcast history

9/19/83 - 1/3/86 CBS 10:30 AM ET/9:30 AM CT, PT (preceded by The $25,000 Pyramid; followed by The Price Is Right)

1/6/86 - 9/26/86 CBS, 4 PM ET/3 PM CT, PT (preceded by Guiding Light except where show aired at 12 Noon--preceded by The Price Is Right in ET and The Young and the Restless CT/PT in those markets; followed by local programming except where show aired at 12 Noon--followed by The Young and the Restless ET and As the World Turns CT/PT in those markets)

6/8/2006 CBS, 8 PM ET & PT, 7 PM CT (as segment of Gameshow Marathon)

6/12/2019 - 8/14/2019 ABC Wednesdays 8 PM ET & PT / 7 PM CT (preview premiere 6/11/19 at 10 PM)

5/24/2020 - present ABC Sundays 9 PM ET & PT / 8 PM CT (repeat from first season on 5/24; new shows afterwards)

The Whammys

  • Whammy with mallet
  • Lawn mower Whammy
  • Surfing Whammy
  • Astronaut
  • TNT plunger Whammy
  • Boxing Whammy
  • Pilgrim Whammy (used during Thanksgiving)
  • Scrooge Whammy (used during Christmas)
  • Santa Claus (used during Christmas)
  • Christmas tree topples on Whammy (used during Christmas)
  • Fang pulls Whammy Santa's sleigh (used during Christmas)
  • Magician
  • Skateboarding Whammy
  • Snow blower
  • Window washer
  • New Year's Whammy
  • New Year's Whammy #2 (trying to open champagne bottle)
  • Magic carpet Whammy
  • Roller skating Whammy
  • Paul Revere
  • Ben Franklin
  • UFO Whammy
  • George Washington ("I cannot tell a lie. You lose!")
  • "Fire in the hole" (car doesn't start after Whammy places firecracker)
  • Whammy and Fang
  • Pole vaulter
  • Runner with Olympic torch
  • Whammy and shark
  • Whammy on pogo stick
  • Dancing Whammy
  • Baseball player
  • Basketball player
  • Trick Or Treat Whammy (with Tammy)
  • Whammy jumping up and down
  • Snow skiing Whammy
  • Weight-lifter
  • Fang chases cat
  • Bulldozer Whammy
  • Tarzan Whammy
  • Pizza Tosser Whammy
  • Road worker Whammy
  • Cheerleaders
  • Water-skiing Whammy
  • Whammy and Tammy Whamette
  • Human Cannonball
  • Beatle Whammys
  • Indian Whammy in canoe
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Bicycling Whammy ("No hands and no bucks!")
  • Doo-wop Whammys
  • Motown Whammys
  • Piano-player Whammy
  • Aerobics Whammy
  • Photographer
  • Bowling Whammy
  • Orchestra Whammys
  • Dixieland Whammys
  • "Now that I'm a star, I need make-up! MAKE-UP!"
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Boy George
  • Elvis Whammy
  • Tina Turner
  • Michael Jackson
  • Heavy Metal Whammy
  • Breakdancer
  • Dive-bomber
  • Tammy and Whammy's picnic
  • "I got yer big buck!" (Whammy brings out a deer)
  • Eye doctor Whammy (eye chart: "U L O S E")
  • Politician Whammy ("If elected, I will raise your taxes!")
  • American Excess Card Whammy
  • Wide receiver Whammy ("Throw me the bomb!")
  • Judge Whammy ("I sentence you to poverty!")
  • Fortune Teller Whammy ("I see financial disaster in your future!")
  • Ocean liner Whammy (for contestants who hit four Whammys)
  • Umpire (for contestants who hit four whammys)
  • Barbershop Quartet (for contestants who hit four Whammys)

Whammy Board Meeting

(An animated skit used on the show)

Whammy CEO: (on phone) That's seven cars, four jet skis and a Flokati rug. You figure out where to put 'em! (Hangs up)

Whammys: Morning, Chief!

CEO: Did you hear that? I'm having this meeting today because we have a very serious problem. We've been taking too much money and prizes from these poor contestants. (Whammys become restless) No, no, I'm getting nothing but complaints. Our bank accounts are stuffed and our warehouses are full of prizes. Any suggestions?

Whammys: Bigger warehouses!

CEO: You guys are going crazy. Taking all that money. Running around with those big prizes. Dancing, singing, making fun of everybody. And I hate to say it--or do I?--but some of you boys are gonna have to go.

Whammys: Oh no! No that!

CEO: Wait a minute, wait a minute...I meant go on vacation!

Whammys: Vacation?! Yippee! Whee!

CEO: All right, all right. Half you guys pack your bags--the rest of us will keep taking the big bucks. Oh, by the way...where do you guys wanna go?

Whammys: Fort Knox! Las Vegas! Monaco! Let's get outta here!