Prison Break/Season One

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Season One
Prison Break
Season Premiere August 29, 2005
Season Finale May 15, 2006
Episode Count 22
Notable Episodes 1x14 - The Rat
1x16 - Brother's Keeper
1x21 - Go



Season Two

Season One of Prison Break premiered on August 29, 2005.


Michael Scofield is a structural engineer who robs a bank and is immediately sentenced to a maximum security prison, Fox River State Penitentiary. Once there, Michael quickly locates his brother, Lincoln Burrows and tells him that he has hatched a plan to break them both out of prison. Lincoln is serving a death sentence at Fox River for the murder of Terrence Steadman, who is the brother of the Vice President of the United States. Their childhood friend and lawyer, Veronica Donovan worries about Michael's reason for insisting to be incarcerated at Fox River. After a series of mysterious happenings, Veronica begins to suspect a conspiracy behind the crime Lincoln supposedly committed. She is joined by another lawyer, Nick Savrinn who specializes in death penalty cases, and they discover that Lincoln's case may involve people that have one of the highest authority in the country.

As they continue to hunt down evidence to prove Lincoln's innocence, Michael begins collect the tools to execute his escape plan. This requires him to form alliances with various prison staff and inmates. Along the way, Michael establishes trust between himself and Warden Pope, and the prison doctor, Sara Tancredi. However, as Lincoln's execution day draws closer, Michael is forced to manipulate those he has grown close to and take risks that may ruin his entire escape plan.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate
1 1 Pilot Paul T. Scheuring Brett Ratner August 29, 2005
2 2 Allen Paul T. Scheuring Michael Watkins August 29, 2005
3 3 Cell Test Mike Pavone Brad Turner September 5, 2005
4 4 Cute Poison Matt Olmstead Matt Earl Beesley September 12, 2005
5 5 English, Fitz or Percy Zack Estrin Randy Zisk September 19, 2005
6 6 Riots, Drills and the Devil (1) Nick Santora Robert Mandel September 26, 2005
7 7 Riots, Drills and the Devil (2) Karyn Usher Vern Gillum October 3, 2005
S1 SP Behind the Walls Garry Bormet Brad Lachman October 11, 2005
8 8 The Old Head Monica Macer Jace Alexander October 24, 2005
9 9 Tweener Paul T. Scheuring Matt Earl Beesley October 31, 2005
10 10 Sleight of Hand Nick Santora Dwight Little November 7, 2005
11 11 And Then There Were 7 Zack Estrin Jesus Salvador Trevino November 14, 2005
12 12 Odd Man Out Karyn Usher Bobby Roth November 21, 2005
13 13 End of the Tunnel Paul T. Scheuring Sanford Bookstaver November 28, 2005
14 14 The Rat Matt Olmstead Kevin Hooks March 20, 2006
15 15 By the Skin and the Teeth Nick Santora Fred Gerber March 27, 2006
16 16 Brother's Keeper Zack Estrin Greg Yaitanes April 3, 2006
17 17 J-Cat Karyn Usher Guy Ferland April 10, 2006
18 18 Bluff Nick Santora &
Karyn Usher
Jace Alexander April 17, 2006
19 19 The Key Zack Estrin,
Matt Olmstead &
Paul T. Scheuring
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan April 24, 2006
20 20 Tonight Zack Estrin Bobby Roth May 1, 2006
21 21 Go Matt Olmstead Dean White May 8, 2006
22 22 Flight Paul T. Scheuring Kevin Hooks May 15, 2006

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