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Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud
Pumpkinhead - Blood Feud.JPG
Airdate February 10, 2007
Written by Mike Hurst
Directed by Mike Hurst
Produced by Donald Kushner,
Pierre Spengler,
Brad Krevoy
Network Sci Fi Channel
Style 120 horror drama
Company Castel Film Romania,
Filming Location Romania
Origin USA

Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud (also known as Pumpkinhead 4) is a horror drama movie that aired on February 10, 2007 on the Sci Fi Channel as one of their SCI FI Original Movies and is the fourth film in the Pumpkinhead film series.

Starring: Rob Freeman, Amy Manson, Bradley Taylor, Richard Durden, Lynne Verrall, Claire Lams, Peter Barnes

and Lance Henriksen

Cast: Lance Henriksen (Ed Harley), Rob Freeman (Dallas), Amy Manson (Jodie), Bradley Taylor (Ricky), Richard Durden (Old Man Hatfield), Lynne Verrall (Haggis), Claire Lams (Dolly), Peter Barnes (Papa McCoy), Ovidiu Niculescu (Bobby Joe), Elvin Dandel (Tristan McCoy), Alin Constaninescu (Emmett Hatfield), Razvan Oprea (Brett), Rudy Rosenfeld (Abner Hatfield), Clin Puia (Tommy Hatfield), Elias Ferkin (Billy Bob Hatfield), Iulia Boros (Mama McCoy), Maria Roman (Sara), Barton Sidles (Andy), Alexandru Geoana (Town Boy #1), Christi Feter (Johnson), Fane Ursu (Johny), Aurel Boata (Charlie), Daniel Tomescu (Dale Hatfield), Marian Aurel Dicu (Wayne), Nelu Caragea (Old Jimmy Hatfield), Florin Barcun (Danny), Adi Pavlovschi (Hatfield Boy #1), Daniel Pasleaga (Hatfield Boy #2), Mihai Ionita (Hatfield Boy #3), Isabela Melinte (Pretty Girl), Lepadatu Elena (Another Pretty Girl),


Plot Overview

When the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys culminates in murder, a McCoy goes to call upon Pumpkinhead to destroy the McCoys - save for the one he loves.



The Show

  • Curiously, the film doesn't acknowledge the events of Ashes to Ashes. In fact, Haggis raises Pumpkin while the previous body is still buried (unlike the first and third film), which would be Ellie and not Ed. Additionally, there are obviously two different sheriffs in both films.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • The Hatfields and McCoys depicted are obviously based on the real life families of the same name and their famous feud. However, the film's depiction is different, not just in what started the feud, but also that the feud has long been dissolved.

Memorable Moments


  • Ed Harley: I had a son once. That was the only Heaven I'll ever know. He slipped right through my fingers. No amount of love could save him. Life is so short. From one breath to the next.
Jodie: Who are you?
Ed Harley: Ed Harley.
Jodie: How did you get in here?
Ed Harley: Something terrible is happening and only you can stop it.
Jodie: What are you talking about?
Ed Harley: Something's been set in motion and only you can stop it. Only you. We are what we do.

DVD Release

Title Release Date #
Made-for-TV Movies
Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud October 2, 2007 1


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