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My Lunch
My Lunch
Season 5, Episode 20
Airdate April 25, 2006
Written by Tad Quill
Directed by John Michel
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ScrubsSeason Five
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My Lunch is the twentieth episode of the fifth season of Scrubs, and the one hundred thirteenth episode overall. Three patients at the hospital are hanging on by a thread, waiting for transplant organs and Jill Tracy makes a reappearance in J.D.'s life.

Guest Stars: Rachel Avery (Jenny), Frank Encarnacao (Dr. Mickhead), Lynn A. Henderson (Rebecca), Robert Maschio (Todd Quinlan), Christina Miles (Gloria), Beans Morocco (Katie), Pat Mulderrig (Man), Kattia Ortiz (Nurse), Meredith Roberts (Kathy), Nicole Sullivan (Jill Tracy), David Warshofsky (Dave Bradford), Brent Weber (Larry), Rachel Winfree (Jill's Mom), Jordan Zucker (Lisa)


Plot Overview



  • How to Save a Life by The Fray: The song that plays over the montage of the three patients dying after their rejected transplants infected them with rabies, plus Dr. Cox's breakdown is "How to Save a Life" by The Fray, a platinum selling single from the album of the same name. The song was a breakthrough hit for the American audiences and is popularly used on medical shows like Scrubs and, earlier in the season, Grey's Anatomy.

Arc Advancement



  • Jill Tracy: Frequent repeat patient Jill Tracey dies in this episode due to complications involving rabies. It was originally thought that she died as a result of a cocaine overdose but that proved to be inaccurate after an autopsy was performed.
  • Dr. Cox: Dr. Cox suffers something of an emotional breakdown after the three patients who were given new organs died when those organs were found to be from a patient who died from rabies. J.D. attempted to bring him back from the brink, but before they could talk a patient coded and required resuscitation, which failed. Cox left the hospital before his shift ended out of frustration.



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Memorable Moments



  • Carla: Hey JD, if you go out, would you get me a hot Italian sausage?
    Todd: I got a hot Italian sausage for ya right here. People think I just luck into these situations, but it's really a lot of hard work. You know what else is hard? I should go...
    JD: I think I may vomit.
  • Elliot: Hey, what'd ya do last night?
    Carla: Turk made me watch Anaconda with him.
    Elliot: Ooh, is that the one with the giant snake?
    The Todd pops up from behind a desk.
    Todd: No, this is the one with the giant snake. Points at himself I was back here for 45 minutes waiting for a setup. My back is killing me, but I nailed it. It's about commitment.
  • Todd (to Turk): Buddy, we should totally have sex some time.
    Turk: See, I knew this was going to come back to me.
  • Random Doctor: Hey Todd, you were impressive in surgery today.
    Todd: You were impressive in the shower today, dongwise.
  • Janitor (to Todd): What the hell are you?
    Todd: I'm The Todd.