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Maggie Beckett
Actor Kari Wuhrer
First Appearance 3x16 The Exodus (1)
Last Appearance 5x18 The Seer
Series Billing Series: Ended
Episode Count 51


Basic Information

Captain Maggie Beckett worked under Colonel Rickman on the world of The Exodus before it was destroyed by pulsars; she assisted Quinn Mallory in scouting out a new world for several hundred people of her world to slide to. After the death of her husband, Dr. Jensen, she took the place of the deceased Professor Arturo as the fourth slider, vowing to take her revenge on Rickman. Fiery and remorseless, she was the source of much aggravation within the group, especially with Wade Wells, who was deeply affected by the Professor's death and did not welcome her presence.

Memorable Moments