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Professor Maximillian Arturo
Actor John Rhys-Davies
First Appearance 1x01 Pilot
Last Appearance 3x17 The Exodus (2)
Series Billing Series: Ended
Episode Count 41
Notable Episodes 3x17 The Exodus (2), 2x08 Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome


Basic Information

Professor Arturo is a professor of Cosmology and Ontology at the University of California and was Quinn's lecturer before they went sliding. A slightly pompous but usually well-meaning character and an academic through and through, the Professor feels exasperated at his small class of students but has failed to notice the incredible genius of Quinn Mallory, so is subsequently astounded when he visits Quinn in his basement and studies his 'sliding equation' written on his blackboard.

The Professor was killed in the middle of Season 3. Some of his brain cells were drained by Colonel Rickman who needed them to survive, leaving him severely traumatised and partly disabled. He was then shot by Rickman when he took the bullet meant for Quinn.

Memorable Moments


Has served in the Armed forces.

Once had a wife, Christina, who died at a young age.


"You blistering idiot!"

"Impudent yahoos!"

(On French World, discussing the Kromaggs) "Hold on, Paul Rivière. I do happen to agree with you, but we can't just march up to every Van Damme and say, 'Excuse me, very shortly an army of killer apes will be decending in your vichyssois'."