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Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown
Actor Cleavant Derricks
First Appearance 1x01 Pilot
Last Appearance 5x18 The Seer
Series Billing Series: Ended
Episode Count 88


Basic Information

Rembrandt Brown was a professional singer on his way to sing at a baseball game, before he was accidentally caught in the wormhole as he drove past the Mallory household.

Character History

Rembrandt grew up in San Francisco and had always had an interest in singing. When he was 17, he formed a group called Little Rembrandt and the Chandelles, but eventually quit and joined the Navy (a fact that was not something creator Tracy Tormé ever wanted, but was added during the third season).

Some time later he became a member of the group The Spinning Topps, and because of his ability to cry real tears out of each eye individually, gained the nickname "The Crying Man", and reached some degree of success with the song "Cry Like A Man". He then released his own solo album "Toppless", with the successful song "Tears in my 'Fro", which sold 100,000 copies. He left The Spinning Tops, who went on to do well without him, and his own career wained as a result. He was hoping to revive his career by singing the National Anthem at a baseball game, and was driving past the Mallory household when Quinn increased the vortex's power, moving the vortex outside the house and sucking up Rembrandt and his cadillac.

Memorable Moments



Invasion: "Rembrandt Brown sliding pads! A must for the serious Slider."